Demons! Beware! Raaauuurrrghggh….

Sometimes I do research. (Shouldn’t we all?) Tonight’s research lead me to an article about demons, and how horrible and woeful they are. According to this article, they’re literally out to grab the human soul and send it to hell for all eternity because they’re just that kind of petty. Roar. Beware demons.

Well. I don’t always like to sit in my echo chamber, so I decided to give this article a serious read. As I was reading all of the attributes demons apparently have, I realized that this actually matched that of certain aliens. As I have mentioned and written about before.

So here are some points to augment an earlier article I wrote, based on this other article I just read.

  • Demons like to fake being human spirits so you won’t know what they are. Apparently.

To be honest, I’m sure there may be a demon out there that has faked it. We all fake things at one time or another. They might fake being human. You might fake that orgasm. It’s all in the delivery.

There is also the caveat that people always seem to overlook. Just as there are demons (or spirits in general) that might misrepresent their identity, there are people who will – by accident or on purpose – mistake identity. We’re all familiar with the fake channelers (not to be confused with the real deal) who claim being in connection with any sort of famous or popular personalities like Geronimo or… and this is shameful… Robin Williams.

More, do you know who else fakes it on a regular basis, at least 90% of the time? Grey aliens, the kind who abduct you and tell you they love you while taking your sperm and eggs for their own agenda. In fact, I’d say this first description fits them more than anything else I’ve mentioned so far.

I am fortunate. In my life I’ve never had a demon fake being human anything. Things are usually pretty upfront, when they’re not connected to the alien agenda. I appreciate that sort of honesty.

“Hi there. I’m a demon from the billionth level of hell.”

“Hi. Thank you for your honesty. Would you like some tea?”

On the other hand, I’ve come across countless amounts of mortal liars. Some I even thought were my best friends. If they weren’t lying to me, they were lying to themselves. I’ve even lied to myself from time to time. It happens.

  • Practitioners of demonolatry are fooled by this and lead to believe they’re going to gain power in hell.

Ah. A prime example of what I mean by human spirits being liars. I’ve yet to meet a demonolatrist that even believes in hell. Much less.

I have to take this moment to give the article’s author some credit, though. They probably really do believe what they have said about demonolatrists. They’re wrong, of course, but they probably believe it. Which means someone ELSE lied at some point in time (even if it was an error based on assumption) and the lie lives on the author’s tongue. Which still makes them a liar.

  • Apparently one reason why demons fake being human is so they can appear harmless. They want to foster a relationship and get your trust so they can do bad things. Etc.

Where I can see the idea behind this sort of masquerade (a Masquerade of Angels, as it were), if you’re any sort of world-wise you’d know not to trust anything claiming to be humans. Humans can be the worst. The absolute worst.

Again, do you know who else does this very frequently for that very reason? You guessed it. The abduction aliens.

And do you know why they do that? To foster trust, to get you to accept it when they do the same objectionable things to your children, and to even say “this is for the good of the human race!” when what their global agenda is comes up in conversation.

Have you listened to the people who defend the world agenda? No? Listen to them. Really listen to them. It’s almost too sad. There are cases of them who are sexual objects, and they look forward to each encounter… until they find their five year old children committing sexual deeds that were taught to them by the very same sexual partners they themselves couldn’t wait to meet up with at night. There are other cases of them being terrified and feeling violated until they’re told if they just relax and let it happen it won’t be so bad. (Isn’t that what many career rapists say of their victims? Well. That’s where *I* first heard that line!) In at least one case I heard of, the poor woman completely lost her faith in God because… well… God didn’t save her during what happened.

Does that sound loving to you? Or honest? No. But give many of them a chance, and they turn right around to defend their alien handlers. Because they have a close relationship with them, don’t you know, and the aliens love them so much!

That is a prime example of how presenting a fake exterior to foster trust has done the very thing people are warned about when it comes to demons. It’s a shame more people aren’t being warned away from that – which BTW has more concrete evidence than demonic encounters do – than the creatures that don’t seem to be doing much of that at all.

It’s like telling everyone to stay away from the Good Witch Glenda because she’s a witch, but the Witch of the West is okay because she loaned Dorothy some shoes.

  • Demons will often describe themselves as a young person that died a tragic death.

M’kay. So do a lot of liars, some of them clothed in mortal flesh. If your spirit is a liar (and I’m not denying there are some that will lie) then they’re going to pick something to make you feel for them.

Likewise there actually are spirits of young people who died a tragic death. Not all of them are liars. The question then would be to ask, “I’m sorry, Mr. Demonic Presence, but could you tell me how this is relevant to giving me this week’s lottery numbers again?”

On this one, I’ve yet to come across a tale about an alien making this claim to their subject. So I’ll give them a free pass here.

What’s important with this statement is that the article is using the Ouija board as an example of spirits lying about how they died. I have problems with that. First, the Ouija board has been scientifically tested and has all sorts of scientific evidence to back up that most of the messages are coming from the users’ subconsciousness in many cases. (Obviously not all. Magic and power has its ways.) Secondly, the article is basing this off of how the board reacts when teenagers are using it.

You know teenagers and their penchant for tragedy. Angst. Hormones! Death! If it weren’t for that penchant, the vampiric blasphemy of Twilight would never have survived to annoy me.

If you’re going to use something as an example like that, at least use something that hasn’t been debunked or influenced by hormones one too many times.

  • Demons apparently lure their subjects into asking for hidden knowledge and going deeper with their questioning.

Um. Yes. Of course they do (for the most part). They want you to thrive. They want your brain working. It’s good for them just as much as it’s good for you. One thing I have come to realize about the spirits that many people classify as demons over my entire life is that they are a symbiotic race.

Understand what this means. This means they need us to thrive. They don’t want us cast in hell for the most part. (There are, of course, dangerous entities out there. Magic is a natural environment just like anywhere else.) If we thrive, we put out the kind of sparkling bits that they need to thrive. It’s 50/50. It’s win-win, when it’s healthy.

Do you know what we get when we turn into a cluster of people who are NOT asking for knowledge, looking at boundaries, and learning? We get the fall of Rome. We get the Dark Ages. We get what’s happening in many unpleasant parts of the world today. Knowledge is power. Hiding from it is very bad for the human race.

Just remember that with great knowledge comes great responsibility. For which you personally are responsible.

I know I’m especially bent against aliens and the alien agenda. You would be, too, if you had seen what I’ve seen and discovered what I now know. (And I still know so very little.) I write things like this because I care, even though I try very hard not to.

More importantly, though, is the article’s kind of thinking is the very thing that was brought to these American shores to my people. It decimated us. It completely undermined a large part of our culture, divided us against ourselves, and destroyed things we can never get back.

In my opinion, that’s a Great Sin.

I used to believe so much in this type of thinking. I was a very devout Christian once upon a time. Then I started to ask questions and probe deeper. I cracked open a few books and read them.

Demons didn’t need to entice me to do that. My love of the truth did that.

Which presents a complete contradiction, now doesn’t it. If demons are lying to you to get you to trust them and fall for even more lies, then why would they be asking you to find the truth?

Think about it.


Buer Health Potion Charm

bottleBuer, considered one of the great presidents of Hell and an overall smart guy, is the kind of demonic manitu that teaches philosophy, herbology and other fine and important things. Another important aspect of him, and why he was one of the first spirits I worked with in recent times, is that he is also a healer. Although he apparently has a better time working on the male body over the female. Which is okay. I have a better time drawing the female body over the male. We all have our hangups.

It occurred to me as I assembled charms for future convention stock (because I make charms for fun and profit), that one could literally  make a mana “potion” charm using the powers of Buer or some entity similar. The picture to the left of the first paragraph is such a thing.

It’s a self-augmenting item, I realized as I created it, sort of like sigil magic. Here is why and how I created it.

The bottle is a very tiny 1.5 milliliter size bottle. I buy bottles such as it in bulk on occasion for charm making. This one is about an inch tall, maybe less. Probably less.

Another item I have in my arsenal of bits and bobs are tiny rolls scrolls, also for charm making. I unrolled one, drew Buer’s sigil upon it, rerolled it, and trimmed the ends to make it a wee bit smaller. I could also have blessed the scroll, kissed it for luck, or any number of extra things but I personally have never had the need to take extra steps like that. But if you’re making one and you feel the need, by all means.

In most video and MMORG games, health potions are red. I filled the bottle about halfway with red glitter.

I inserted the scroll. It was still a little too tall to go below the neck of the bottle, so I filled the rest of the space with more red glitter.

I then put on the stopper and screw. To make sure thing don’t fall apart, I glued them. Elmer’s glue isn’t enough. You gotta use good glue for that part.

When it dries (it’s not dry yet) I’ll give it a lobster clasp and it will be ready to wear.

But I’ll need to wear it prominently for it to self augment. Oh, we all know that won’t be necessary but for me half of the fun is in the fun. I’ll be putting it on a necklace chain. Or. I’ll find a demonic manitu that enjoys teaching magic and make a matching charm for mana for a pair of earrings.

Imagine wearing this at, say, a gaming or science fiction/fantasy convention where everyone can see your health potion. Yep. That’s a lot of minds that will subconsciously, and even consciously, think “health” in your direction. Which will of course be like having a shower of health blessing all the convention long.

Maybe I’ll make some of these to sell. The problem is I couldn’t sell them outright at conventions like I do prints of my Bastet portrait, which is where you’ll find me and my charms. *taps finger on desk thoughtfully*


The Cat Came Back…

I’ve been busy as per usual so haven’t been here to update, even though Kinsouth/All Thing is fastly approaching. It’s this weekend as a matter of fact. We’re packing up and getting ready now. The house sitter should be arriving soon.

I’m lazy so I’m just going to copy and paste what I wrote to the kind person who reached out to Bastet for me so as to bring my cat home when he was lost.


I figured (Mongo) was dead, as you know. That’s my luck, you know. But what yours told you was pretty accurate.

From what we can gather, he’d been living up the way from where he ran, hiding under dumpsters and wotnot. Finally a kind woman took him in, named him Oliver, and found out tonight that he was missing. She brought him to us, and even though she had tears in her eyes she let me have him back. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Liono couldn’t get along with her other cat, she never would have found out Liono already had a home. She was going to give him to another home, but that home had seen the lost flyer earlier today.

He’s thin, and he’s lost his poufy cheeks. He’s still humongous (he’s an extra large cat). When I got him in my arms, he curled around me like he always did. He sort of purred on the way home, but it was tentative as if he was hoping this would not be another chapter in his harrowing adventure.

So now we have a thousand cats. Liono was one of 6 when this began. Bastet sent Gremlin, who is still small and slant-eyed as if he knows everything. When we were leaving to see if this cat was indeed Liono he came to the door to go with us, which was unusual. I hoped it was a sign. It might have been.

We also have Hephaestus (Feisty for short) who was turned in as a possible Liono and my soft-hearted other half couldn’t turn him away.

I’m still sprouting tears just reliving this to tell you. LOL.  I don’t know what we’re going to do with so many cats, but for the price of Liono being cared for during his adventure and making it home I’m okay with this. I hope the neighbors will be, too!

I shall change his official name at the vet to Oliver’s Liono perhaps.

Okay I gotta go cuddle my baby and cry tears into his fur for a while. Ha. Thank you so much. Thanks to Bastet for caring for him. And whomever and whatever else saved him. Thanks to the whole universe, which spoils me already… but the universe should know I’m grateful and don’t take it for granted.


Let this be a lesson to everyone, I guess!

Off now I go to finish preparing for Kinsouth. Pictures are sure to follow as always!

Resources and Aids

Psalms 23

I am preparing for a green candle spell I learned today; it’s considered to be a hoodoo spell. It calls for reciting Psalms 23. I took a quick look on the internet and found this. I think adding a section here with online resources for people to find and use would be good, so here is the first entry.

Psalms 23, a 800 dpi public domain scan you can frame or put in your grimoire. It’s very pretty and housed at Wikipedia.



Play-dough of DOOM!

Don’t ask me how or why I find certain things, but there are times I do. Usually these times are when I’m looking for something completely unrelated. My Google-foo is weak, but my accidental-foo is strong apparently.

So I came across a Youtube instructional video on how to hex someone. Intrigued, I sat back to give it a listen. I didn’t get very far into the video, because the instructing witch held up a can of play-dough and explained it could be used to make a voodoo doll with.

I find it simply too, too hilarious not to have a selection of play-dough tucked away in my altar in case I decide to hex someone. The other half and I put the video on pause and ran to the store right then and there to purchase our evil play-dough. Furthermore, we took a very long time in selecting just what colors we wanted. We ended up buying the entire rainbow available so that I could be creative in my evil hexing creations. After all, being evil is meant to be fun. All sorts of fun.

Now if you’re thinking that the other half and I immediately set about hexing everyone that cut us off in traffic, worry not. The play-dough is still in it’s wrapping, sitting in the altar. I do not know when I will use my newly learned knowledge to hex someone, or if I ever will. It’s more that this particular concept was so inline with humor magic, I had to collect it for future goose.

If you’re curious about the video I shall link and/or embed it below. I enjoy this woman’s videos. Some of her comments are hilarious, and she usually explains things pretty well. I gotta say it. I’m subscribed. I recommend that if you’re serious you check her out as well. Give her lots of love.

Kinsouth is only a few weeks away! I’m getting very excited.

Edit: I note the original video has been taken down, which is a shame as it was very informative. I found something else for your enjoyment. The statement with this video says they would not like this video to get to “the younger” crowd, as things like this are for the “experienced witch”. I do agree that a brash person should not be doing this sort of stuff – you CAN hurt yourself and/or the wrong person – but when I was “the younger crowd” I wouldn’t have been caught hexing a soul….




How does a god choose a follower that has absolutely no clue when things are reaching out to them? How does a god get noticed by the metaphysically dense? How do they kick people in the pants?

By being shiny in the store, I think.

I saw it happen this past weekend, I swear to you. The husband and I went into Earthbound at the mall, and within minutes he was telling me how much he needed the little Ganesh (Gesundheit!) statuette on the shelf.

We got it for him.

I thought the husband wasn’t serious – his roads are paved with good intentions but he rarely gets past the intent – but he’s serious. He’s been sending me articles about Ganesh’s life and is marveling at what Ganesh stands for, because it aligns with things he himself feels he stands for. (And for me as well, apparently, but I am working with Hephaestus right now.)

It looks like Ganesh knew what he was doing. But when you’re thousands of years old and have the mind of an elephant, you tend to have a little bit of wisdom mixed in with that long memory.


Kinsouth 2017

It was a wee bit harder to set up this year than usual, but Kinsouth’s 2017 Allthing has set dates and a down payment on where we’re gonna go.

In order to preserve the magick of Kinsouth, I once again aimed Southward. This time we’re going to land in Kentucky outside of Lexington.

For some reason people seem to think that Kinsouth is about roughing it. Not exactly… I can sort of see where the impression came from – we were roughing it in the beginning but those early circumstances were mostly due to finances. This year after much searching I found a two bedroom cabin. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but due to the fulfillment of last year’s wishes we can afford it right now. Putting back part of your harvest as an investment and thanks is an age-old tradition anyway, if I REALLY have to excuse that.

I often say that Kinsouth was Hogwarts before Harry Potter was published, because the main point to it was always to take something metaphysical and practice it somehow. Or at least do something besides the wish ritual, which of course is Allthing’s main point. To wish for all of the things.

So with that in mind the focus(es) is/are:

  1. Forest bathing. Now… we do that every year just about anyway without thinking about it. Really forest bathing is just the new fangled way of saying “getting back to nature”. Either way, being in the forest (not a park) is scientifically proven to be a healing experience. Which means for all subsequent years I’m going to always be searching for a forest to have Kinsouth in. I dream of the day I can have my own acreage of land for this.
  2. The Mantell UFO incident. If you don’t know about that, the year was 1948 and a UFO appeared while some young pilots were out on training maneuvers. They were tasked to follow it. One died in pursuit. For our Saturday metaphysical excursion we will be visiting his memorial marker, which is located about an hour away. You can find a report on the incident here. Information bout the memorial marker is here.
  3. The usual card reading, pendulum swinging and other nifty things that come up. Not all of Kinsouth is metaphysical, but it has its moments.
  4. The wish ritual. We may adapt it to happen in a hot tub this year if the group is small enough. (I.E. just the hubby and me.)

Speaking of the wish ritual, there is a disturbing trend where people are finding out when I am performing ritual and they’re doing things to basically join in from home. It’s not meant to be this way in the circumstances of some who can’t make it in person, but this is a form of freeloading. I will not be telling anyone the hour I do ritual this year. If you want a wish ritual, perform your own and do it under your own magick.

You will have to remember, though. There is a very big something to Kinsouth you have to do that actually sets the power in place for you. I have noticed without saying anything that those who not do this have diminished effects or no effects at all. Those who do it the most have the greater reward. This would be the pilgrimage.

Almost always people have to travel to get to Kinsouth. Even I, who hosts the thing, have had to travel most of the time. No I don’t travel far… it’s not the length of the journey. It’s the willingness to actually MAKE it that matters, and whether you can follow through without allowing that circumstance to get in the way.

When you’re going somewhere, your mind is on your destination on at least a subconscious level if not at the forefront of your mind. This means that during your entire journey, your mind body and soul are preparing for the Kinsouth weekend. Think of it as building a magical charge, one that you will expel on the wish ritual. You have to make that pilgrimage, or no charge. Or at least, not a charge that’s compatible with what’s going on.

Kinsouth’s power has really come back ever since I began to dump freeloaders and backstabbers to keep it together the way it was meant to be. Even if it’s just me in the forest, I enjoy it a lot more this way as well. ‘Nuff said on that.

I’m looking forward to Kinsouth this year. But I always do. I hope this is THE area I’ve been searching for; the one where Kinsouth stays. But we shall see.