Kinsouth 2017

It was a wee bit harder to set up this year than usual, but Kinsouth’s 2017 Allthing has set dates and a down payment on where we’re gonna go.

In order to preserve the magick of Kinsouth, I once again aimed Southward. This time we’re going to land in Kentucky outside of Lexington.

For some reason people seem to think that Kinsouth is about roughing it. Not exactly… I can sort of see where the impression came from – we were roughing it in the beginning but those early circumstances were mostly due to finances. This year after much searching I found a two bedroom cabin. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but due to the fulfillment of last year’s wishes we can afford it right now. Putting back part of your harvest as an investment and thanks is an age-old tradition anyway, if I REALLY have to excuse that.

I often say that Kinsouth was Hogwarts before Harry Potter was published, because the main point to it was always to take something metaphysical and practice it somehow. Or at least do something besides the wish ritual, which of course is Allthing’s main point. To wish for all of the things.

So with that in mind the focus(es) is/are:

  1. Forest bathing. Now… we do that every year just about anyway without thinking about it. Really forest bathing is just the new fangled way of saying “getting back to nature”. Either way, being in the forest (not a park) is scientifically proven to be a healing experience. Which means for all subsequent years I’m going to always be searching for a forest to have Kinsouth in. I dream of the day I can have my own acreage of land for this.
  2. The Mantell UFO incident. If you don’t know about that, the year was 1948 and a UFO appeared while some young pilots were out on training maneuvers. They were tasked to follow it. One died in pursuit. For our Saturday metaphysical excursion we will be visiting his memorial marker, which is located about an hour away. You can find a report on the incident here. Information bout the memorial marker is here.
  3. The usual card reading, pendulum swinging and other nifty things that come up. Not all of Kinsouth is metaphysical, but it has its moments.
  4. The wish ritual. We may adapt it to happen in a hot tub this year if the group is small enough. (I.E. just the hubby and me.)

Speaking of the wish ritual, there is a disturbing trend where people are finding out when I am performing ritual and they’re doing things to basically join in from home. It’s not meant to be this way in the circumstances of some who can’t make it in person, but this is a form of freeloading. I will not be telling anyone the hour I do ritual this year. If you want a wish ritual, perform your own and do it under your own magick.

You will have to remember, though. There is a very big something to Kinsouth you have to do that actually sets the power in place for you. I have noticed without saying anything that those who not do this have diminished effects or no effects at all. Those who do it the most have the greater reward. This would be the pilgrimage.

Almost always people have to travel to get to Kinsouth. Even I, who hosts the thing, have had to travel most of the time. No I don’t travel far… it’s not the length of the journey. It’s the willingness to actually MAKE it that matters, and whether you can follow through without allowing that circumstance to get in the way.

When you’re going somewhere, your mind is on your destination on at least a subconscious level if not at the forefront of your mind. This means that during your entire journey, your mind body and soul are preparing for the Kinsouth weekend. Think of it as building a magical charge, one that you will expel on the wish ritual. You have to make that pilgrimage, or no charge. Or at least, not a charge that’s compatible with what’s going on.

Kinsouth’s power has really come back ever since I began to dump freeloaders and backstabbers to keep it together the way it was meant to be. Even if it’s just me in the forest, I enjoy it a lot more this way as well. ‘Nuff said on that.

I’m looking forward to Kinsouth this year. But I always do. I hope this is THE area I’ve been searching for; the one where Kinsouth stays. But we shall see.