Are we a real coven?

Well, we were after a sorts but not anymore as people took their own paths across different parts of the country. And you know, that’s okay. People come, people go, and the lessons we take from each encounter are important to cherish.

When someone says the word “coven” most automatically think of a bunch of witches standing around a cauldron with warty green faces and mumbling rhyme from Shakespeare. The more lewd of us think of running around nekkid under the full moon, probably freezing our own moons off. The more educated stereotypical thinker counts those witches in the number of thirteen with the devil lurking somewhere about – as is according to the most strictest of definitions. But this is not that kind of coven.

A more colloquial meaning for coven is “a collection of individuals with similar interests or activities”, such a coven of intellectuals which is what we are. In the beginning we collected together out of a commonality based on the Otherkin subculture and, in most cases, our reincarnation roots. We continued to stay together out of a need for intellectual and spiritual peers. Those of us that are left have remained together out of the commonality of friendship. We are a true coven.

If you must give us a common spiritual foundation, it would be the act of chaos magic we gather together to create once a year at our Allthing.

Allthing? What happened to “Kinsouth”?

Kinsouth began many years ago when Spearcarrier (our fat leader) began to host a yearly camp outing for people named “Kinsouth” in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Just about anybody could come; she wasn’t picky, so long as you were good company. In her mind it was a miniature event like Gulf Wars or those random pagan conventionsyou have to pay good money to go to. She only asked you adhere to a strict set of rules, which are still in place, and enjoy the magick.

Then came people who didn’t follow the rules, and drama happened. The problem with drama is that it doesn’t just ruin things for the drama monarch. It ruins things for everybody.  It just wasn’t any fun anymore… so Spearcarrier stopped what she was doing and took a firm, long step back.

She has since moved to the mid-west. She held the first return Kinsouth in 2012 near Fort Polk, Louisiana. It was a lot of fun, and everybody knew the coven was back with the magic stronger than before and everyone that much the wiser. The problem? The mid-west isn’t the south, and Kinsouth was apparently going to become a gather that may relocate to a new place every year. So it was renamed The Allthing, and that was that.

However, it will always be Kinsouth to us. We still use the name between ourselves and in public, and the name is part of it’s magick.

The meaning and origin of the word “Allthing”

Our fat leader had a favorite author growing up, and her name was Elizabeth Boyer. She wrote a series of books that were very heavily based on Norse legends and myths. One event always happened in these stories; the Allthing – that time the characters traveled to have their tribal meetings.

The name seemed apt. It’s as simple as that.


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