2017 dates: Friday October 20 to Sunday

The Allthing (also known as Kinsouth) is our yearly group together where we reaffirm our friendships, our magical ties with the universe, and most of all roast marshmallow peeps in the great Flaming Phoenix Dessert Ceremony – although that has only happened once. (You never know. It may happen again.)

This is not a religious gather. We are not gathering to practice Wicca, some form of Christianity, or light secret candles to Odin (unless it’s in jest). We care deeply about corruption in power and the E.T. problem.

There is no official classification for what we do, so we have to go with Spearcarrier’s personal classification. This is: we are practitioners of Humor Magick. Because magickal power is quite often founded in some rise of emotion on the part of the magician, anger and sexual energy are good forces to bring things into play. For Spearcarrier – who has been told is very frightening when she does get angry and has seen computers fry when her anger spikes just because she shouted – humor is the best and easiest to access method. Anger can be draining. Humor can go on forever. For her, humor is the Energizer Bunny of magical sources.

Maybe we’re the first group in the world whose power is derived very strongly from laughter. We certainly have never heard of any one else with Spearcarrier’s particular philosophy. On the contrary, we’ve met a lot of people who get angry and offended at our methods. But for us, they work, and we don’t really give a shit what other people think.

There are very specific things we do during our time together, starting with the opening “this can happen to you too” ceremony and ending with the Saturday night wish ritual and Sunday morning parting breakfast. To the casual observer it may look like we’re just fucking around, and on many levels we probably are. But yet, on an important level we aren’t and that should be paid mind to.

Almost anyone is welcome. By almost what we mean is there are certain types of people that are not welcome: chiefly, people who promote disruptiveness. Those people are definitely not welcome and come in many forms, including the following: 1. People who pack before we even think about having the Saturday night ritual because they’re already thinking of going home. We really hate those guys. 2. People who follow a religion that does not allow them to talk openly about some metaphysical subjects because you not part of the club somehow. Those guys don’t even need to be texting us on our cell phones. 3. People with the express intent of making fun of everyone else’s beliefs. Those guys should be punched in the face.

So there are rules! Rules you must adhere to! This *is* a several day long secular ritual, so we’ve had to start enforcing a few things. Please read and mind.

They will be listed in linear order – that is, in the order you most likely will have to mind them.

Rule #1. No mind-altering drugs. This means no grass, herbs, or anything that fucks your mind state in any fashion whatsoever. (Unless prescribed.) If you can’t leave it at home long enough to stay clean for this very simple little gathering, then you need to seek professional help. If you can’t be respectful enough to mind this rule, you will never ever be welcome anywhere near us again because you will be marked as ‘trouble’. We have our reasons for this – and believe it or not it has a lot to do with the difficulty of maintaining an energy bridge. So don’t bring it, you selfish fucks. Period.

Rule #1a. Some alcohol is okay sometimes but usually not at all. By some we mean just that. By sometimes we mean, “It depends on the rules of wherever the thing is held.” It also depends on how many minors are attending. The fat leader and her hairy husband make mead, so they of course are all for handing out samples if the conditions are right. However, if alcohol is present it will be used responsibly as part of certain things and not as the constant drink of choice for the exact same reasons as above.

Rule #2. Under no circumstances are you allowed to take over someone else’s ritual or try to guide the ritual in what you feel is a better direction unless it actually is your ritual. This especially goes for the opening “this can happen to you” ritual and the “wish ritual”. Yes, this has happened. Yes, the fat leader is still annoyed a much as a year or five later. The rituals are as they are for very specific purposes. You came to participate in them. Do it right. Dammit.

Rule #3. Be nice. Be fair.  Be open-minded.  Respect other people’s paradigms, and other parts of the Golden Rule.

Rule #4. Leave your feuds at the door. This is a time of peace and bond-forming.  Do not arrive seeking trouble… We have stories we tell around the campfire of previous troublemakers and how they were shunned, left early and in some cases… well…. karma can be a real bitch. So don’t do it, because we will be laughing at you for years after it’s over.

Rule #5.  CHILDREN ARE WELCOME!  Does it need to be explained how the children are our future, and the best way for them to learn our ways is to let them live them?

Rule #6. Do not pack to leave before the end of Saturday’s wish ritual. Don’t even do it a little bit unless you’re leaving in the next hour. When people do this, their minds are no longer on the gather. They’re thinking about leaving. These thoughts disrupt the carefully built energy, they disrupt the camp, and sometimes they’ve even disrupted activities. If you start packing, go ahead and leave because seriously we’re sick and tired of this disrespectful behavior. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Rule #7. Leave your damn religion at the door. We’ve met all kinds of people over the years, and the ones that have been the most harmful to this gather were the folks who judged people based on some religious worldview or wouldn’t discuss metaphysical matters with people because of some ridiculous religious rule. If you can’t discuss Isis, Odin, Jesus, or The Creator with other people in an open, synergetic fashion then stay your ass home. This is not a religious camp, so understand this rule is not about religion. It’s about you refusing to become part of the camp by labeling it and dividing yourself out in some fashion. That is not welcome here, period.

NOTE: The Allthing is also known as the Kinsouth Swamp Gather because of its origins. It used to be hosted at http// Although it’s officially now called the Allthing, we still tend to call it Kinsouth between ourselves and in public.  We might even refer to it as Kinsouth here on the blog. Do not contact us to ask for permission to use the name for your BDSM, LGBT, or whatever-themed gathers as people have done in the past. Our answer is always going to be no. Can’t you at least be creative enough to come up with your own name? Seriously!


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