Question: There are five of us attending this year, and the hostess says it’s costing herself $65 to go. So, will it be $65 for all five of us? Or more?

Answer: Look, I don’t know what to tell you to be honest. The hostess has set a location for the main camp, and she doesn’t share her rented space with most attendees. It’s up to you to get your own rented space. Usually the hostess tries to rent a cabin for the event because she really likes cabins. It will be your job to find a nearby cabin to participate. She doesn’t charge you to come, but she doesn’t pay anyone’s way anymore either.

Question: On average, how many people attends each gathering?

Answer: My, how rude! Either you come or you don’t – we’re not a social climbing function.

Question: Do many people bring their children?

Answer: The hostess has been a single mother and powwow attendee for many moons. Her children always attended in the past.  Furthermore, the Allthing is meant to be family friendly – which is one reason why certain substances are not welcome.  We love the pitter patter of tiny little feet – from something other than Keebler elves, that is.

Question: How close is it to the beach/pond/insert activity that has nothing to do with the gather here?

Answer: Might we suggest you visit Hawaii instead of wasting your time with us?

Question: Kinsouth was originally an Otherkin gather, and I’m not Otherkin. Will I still be welcome?

Answer: Definitely, oh most definitely. The fat leader does not consider herself angelic or anything remotely Otherkin anymore, especially since she learned some UFO lore and stepped beyond her comfort zone. Kinsouth is more about the kinship of common ties, and there are more ties out there than those based on deciding you’re not quite human. In fact, we especially encourage your participation if you have something magical to share – providing it’s not x-rated.

Question: I’ve heard about the Otherkin’s reputation for being polyamorous and sexually orientated. Is this the kind of stuff I can expect at this Allthing Kinsouth thing?

Answer: No – I’m not sure what part of “family friendly” it is that people don’t get. If you come to Kinsouth expecting classes on BDSM, polyamory, or any of the other sorts of gather classes Otherkin gathers are known for you’re coming to the wrong place. The point of Kinsouth is to learn basics of focus and magic training, general manifestation (without sex), and sometimes how to step beyond your finite bubble of understanding. Past Saturday sessions have included tarot reading, candle focusing, pendulum spinning, Spearcarrier’s memory bouncing technique , and manifestation roleplay. We sometimes call Kinsouth the Hogwarts before there was Hogwarts, even though we only plan one metaphysical/conspiracy activity a year.

Question and/or Defensive Statement: I’m a consenting adult. I shouldn’t be expected to put on the kiddie gloves for the entire gather.

Answer: Kinsouth is built on a circle of power, where your actions affects everyone. What you do in your own tent is what you do in your own tent, providing you’re not keeping up your neighbors and it’s not illegal. But there are lines  you do not cross. Sex: okay, fine, but if it’s with a minor we’re going to hate you and possibly even report you. “Only marijuana” isn’t only marijuana for us – it’s a possible misdemeanor fine for being around you, a possible career ender, and it creates a detached mind that has proven in the past to hurt the gather. If you can’t go for three days without your joint, you have a real problem and need to seek professional counseling. Don’t bring that shit here.

Question: Can I use the name Kinsouth for my own gather, being as you don’t live in Florida anymore?

Answer:  Even though the fat leader no longer lives in Florida, and Kinsouth is officially known as the Allthing, there are problems with your query.  First, usually when someone asks us this they do not have Kinsouth’s best interests in mind. Secondly, Kinsouth still happens in a southward way on purpose. For example, in 2012 it happened in the Louisiana portion of the south. Funny thing about the south. It’s big. Thirdly, even if the Allthing were to happen in Canada we’d still be calling it Kinsouth between ourselves. It will always be Kinsouth to us. So I’m afraid our answer would have to be “no”. Go make up your own gather name.

Those that come to start trouble will need to be removed.  We will have park rangers to do it, if necessary.  OR… we will…. shun you…..  *shifty eyes*


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