Tentative Schedule

Location:  Outside of Lexington, Kentucky – more details to come soon.

Time: Weekend of October 20. This year’s focuses are forest bathing, detoxing, possibly doing the Green Tara Healing meditation, visiting a UFO event memorial, and of course the Wish Ritual.

Please email kinsouth @ akashikonline.com for more information if you with to come. These days the gather is very small with an attendance of only two people, sometimes five.

The following schedule does not apply. I just don’t want to lose it for future reference, so ignore things from here on.


Up until Friday: meet and greet.

Friday morning: We have an opening here if anyone would like to give a talk on metaphysical and fringe science works such as UFOs, pendulums, shielding, etc.

  • Normally we work on pendulums and roller coasting (past life meditations, etc) as time allows through the day Friday. However, it may be that the fat leader’s husband who leads this won’t show up until later thanks to the old job thing. If that happens we’ll think of something.

Opening night, Friday. Everyone has arrived. We gather around the campfire for the “it can also happen to you” ritual.

This is our equivalent of telling ghost stories around the fire, only we’re telling warning stories of assholes-of-Allthing’s past. It dumps a lot of negativity. DO NOT SUGGEST WE SUDDENLY TALK ABOUT POSITIVE THINGS OR TRY TO TAKE OVER THIS RITUAL! EVER!!! This is an important ritual, probably one of the most important ones we have. Follow it, because it ties us together and unleashes the bad so that we can concentrate on the good.

Saturday morning 10 AM: Field trip!

On Saturdays we have a place planned to visit. This place will have something to do with the metaphysical or to do with UFOs and government problems. This year the field trip will have no cost except for gas and food, if we get hungry.

Saturday evening, we feast!

Sometimes we cook. Sometimes we roast hotdogs. Always we stuff our faces.

Saturday night, the night before we go home. The wish ritual.

Everyone gathers together to make a wish for the coming year in whatever way has been settled upon. Our current ritual of choice involves the color oracle invented by Rob MacGregor. We’ve had a lot of people contact us later to crow about wishes come true after one of these rituals – 100% of the time they followed the rules and didn’t try to take things over. So don’t try to take things over.

Sunday morning, as we part. The goodbye breakfast.

This is normally held in a cafe or fast food joint right after leaving camp. Basically, folks pack and follow each other out and meet to eat breakfast. This is a very very important ritual. It reaffirms hospitality and good will. It cements our ties. And it can be a lot of fun. 100% of people who chose not to participate in this ended up parting ways with us forever of their own volition – usually after a lot of drama on their parts. We don’t recommend you miss this ritual.

A metaphysical game will be fit into this schedule somehow, but meta games are usually done spontaneously or they lose their fun.

BRING FOOD!!! I can’t stress this enough. You are largely responsible for feeding yourself *except* for the night of the feast. Sometimes meals will be a potluck situation with people taking terms serving and cooking. Don’t be a bum and expect us to cater to your stupidity for not bringing something.

And people should be warned. I am known to do the following to rude guests:

  • Shoot you with water guns. If you don’t like it you’ll be welcome to leave.
  • Hit your hand with a wooden spoon – especially if you can’t keep your hands out of the food while it’s cooking. That’s rude and nasty. In fact “nasty” isn’t nasty enough to explain how nasty that is. Don’t do it.
  • Give you “the look” or say something that amounts to “the look” but is a lot more direct

If you object to this or anything else I may do to remind you how to behave, then you should think twice about coming. I’m not abusive. I’m a cranky grandma. Get over it. 🐱

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