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The Elephant in the Room

Lord Ganesha Drawings Simple God Ganesh Drawings | Free Download Clip Art | Free Clip Art | OnThe prodigal cat, Liono Mongo, had a high fever a couple of nights ago and I was worried. I can’t help it. Ever since that time he ran away, I’ve been more sensitive to his needs. He, in turn, appears to be more sensitive as if his grueling ordeal still hadn’t quite faded. And it probably hasn’t.

So I had him in my arms where he preferred to be, and it’s the middle of the night. No vets were open, and the coffers were low anyway. So, as I’ve been working with Buer a little bit over the past few weeks, I started reaching out to him to heal my kitteh.

I was really worried, so I had my eyes closed and was really trying to open that channel and help Mongo out. That’s when something flickered to the right side of my mind’s eye peripheral vision.

I remember thinking that I must have had an energy channel open, and that this was good for Mongo. But the flickering didn’t stay in one place. It quickly became apparent that I was watching something flitter down, floating back and forth like a leaf falling from a tree. My mind’s eye sees in black and white, usually, and with a TV static appearance but it was enough to see the leaflike object get a little larger. It began to remind of a paisley design.

‘What is that,’ I’m half-wondering while continuing to focus on healing Mongo. The object was now at a constant distance – in my mind’s eye it looked like it was a few inches big. In real life distance that probably would have put it a block away from me I guess. At about this point I started to make out the outline of an elephant’s trunk.

Even after seeing that I was still trying to figure out what I was looking it. After about a minute I asked, “Ganesh… uh… are you Ganesh?” Oh yeah, I’m just full of social graces and clever conversation openers.

I received no answer, of course. Just silence and this floaty almost paisley shaped blob with an elephant truck that I could almost guess was Ganesh sitting on one of those lotus thrones, but stylized.

As per usual this brought me back, and I was left wondering why in the world Ganesh would answer my call to Buer. Mind you, being answered by the wrong entity seems to be getting common for me. I was reaching out to Shammash a couple of months ago and got Hephaestus instead.  It’s like I’m always dialing the wrong number, or perhaps when the phone rings in the Great God Apartment in the Aether someone else answers when my target isn’t available.

Mongo started to act like he felt better within the hour.  The next day I turned to the not so wise internet to find out why the fuck I had an elephant pay a visit floating miraculously on a leaf in the mental sky.

I knew nothing about Ganesh, and this situation is something I actually tend to cultivate. When the information comes to me after I’ve encountered the fact, it’s easier to say for sure that your imagination didn’t mess up the entire affair. I read how Ganesh got his elephant head – apparently there are a couple of stories, one of which involves Saturn. That left me wondering just which planetary deity Ganesh is, but anyway.

When I came across how Ganesh never ever speaks, I knew I’d not dreamed it. Not that I thought I had. I was wide awake for all of that.

However I haven’t found anything yet about Ganesh actually *healing* anything or anyone. He’s the patron of intellect, arts, and things that I do naturally as per my personality and bent. I can’t find anything about him being a healer. But don’t think I haven’t noticed that this is not the first patron of arts and science to come to me, a person of arts and science, when calling for help. It’s like I’ve got the attention of the Cosmic College’s Arts and Science department.

Which leaves me wondering why in the fuck he came on Buer’s behalf. Or maybe he saw an open window and floated in by the breeze.

My ability to connect with things has really improved, and this makes me happy. It’s even better than when I was younger, when I was active before. This might be because I have less fucks to give over what people think of me. Giving a fuck still brought persecution, so to hell with it. I’m simply going to be what I was born to be.

Being visited frequently like this? Well. Someone said a neat quote to me about that. “In some societies you’re crazy if you see your grandfather’s ghost; in other societies you’re crazy if you don’t.” I may make that my motto.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wary of people who really are mentally insane. Or the worse kind of assholes – the kind that are out for something. Anything. So long as they can take and throw you away.

But! Ganesh. As he removes obstacles, maybe it removed what was making Mongo sick. Who knows.


Demons! Beware! Raaauuurrrghggh….

Sometimes I do research. (Shouldn’t we all?) Tonight’s research lead me to an article about demons, and how horrible and woeful they are. According to this article, they’re literally out to grab the human soul and send it to hell for all eternity because they’re just that kind of petty. Roar. Beware demons.

Well. I don’t always like to sit in my echo chamber, so I decided to give this article a serious read. As I was reading all of the attributes demons apparently have, I realized that this actually matched that of certain aliens. As I have mentioned and written about before.

So here are some points to augment an earlier article I wrote, based on this other article I just read.

  • Demons like to fake being human spirits so you won’t know what they are. Apparently.

To be honest, I’m sure there may be a demon out there that has faked it. We all fake things at one time or another. They might fake being human. You might fake that orgasm. It’s all in the delivery.

There is also the caveat that people always seem to overlook. Just as there are demons (or spirits in general) that might misrepresent their identity, there are people who will – by accident or on purpose – mistake identity. We’re all familiar with the fake channelers (not to be confused with the real deal) who claim being in connection with any sort of famous or popular personalities like Geronimo or… and this is shameful… Robin Williams.

More, do you know who else fakes it on a regular basis, at least 90% of the time? Grey aliens, the kind who abduct you and tell you they love you while taking your sperm and eggs for their own agenda. In fact, I’d say this first description fits them more than anything else I’ve mentioned so far.

I am fortunate. In my life I’ve never had a demon fake being human anything. Things are usually pretty upfront, when they’re not connected to the alien agenda. I appreciate that sort of honesty.

“Hi there. I’m a demon from the billionth level of hell.”

“Hi. Thank you for your honesty. Would you like some tea?”

On the other hand, I’ve come across countless amounts of mortal liars. Some I even thought were my best friends. If they weren’t lying to me, they were lying to themselves. I’ve even lied to myself from time to time. It happens.

  • Practitioners of demonolatry are fooled by this and lead to believe they’re going to gain power in hell.

Ah. A prime example of what I mean by human spirits being liars. I’ve yet to meet a demonolatrist that even believes in hell. Much less.

I have to take this moment to give the article’s author some credit, though. They probably really do believe what they have said about demonolatrists. They’re wrong, of course, but they probably believe it. Which means someone ELSE lied at some point in time (even if it was an error based on assumption) and the lie lives on the author’s tongue. Which still makes them a liar.

  • Apparently one reason why demons fake being human is so they can appear harmless. They want to foster a relationship and get your trust so they can do bad things. Etc.

Where I can see the idea behind this sort of masquerade (a Masquerade of Angels, as it were), if you’re any sort of world-wise you’d know not to trust anything claiming to be humans. Humans can be the worst. The absolute worst.

Again, do you know who else does this very frequently for that very reason? You guessed it. The abduction aliens.

And do you know why they do that? To foster trust, to get you to accept it when they do the same objectionable things to your children, and to even say “this is for the good of the human race!” when what their global agenda is comes up in conversation.

Have you listened to the people who defend the world agenda? No? Listen to them. Really listen to them. It’s almost too sad. There are cases of them who are sexual objects, and they look forward to each encounter… until they find their five year old children committing sexual deeds that were taught to them by the very same sexual partners they themselves couldn’t wait to meet up with at night. There are other cases of them being terrified and feeling violated until they’re told if they just relax and let it happen it won’t be so bad. (Isn’t that what many career rapists say of their victims? Well. That’s where *I* first heard that line!) In at least one case I heard of, the poor woman completely lost her faith in God because… well… God didn’t save her during what happened.

Does that sound loving to you? Or honest? No. But give many of them a chance, and they turn right around to defend their alien handlers. Because they have a close relationship with them, don’t you know, and the aliens love them so much!

That is a prime example of how presenting a fake exterior to foster trust has done the very thing people are warned about when it comes to demons. It’s a shame more people aren’t being warned away from that – which BTW has more concrete evidence than demonic encounters do – than the creatures that don’t seem to be doing much of that at all.

It’s like telling everyone to stay away from the Good Witch Glenda because she’s a witch, but the Witch of the West is okay because she loaned Dorothy some shoes.

  • Demons will often describe themselves as a young person that died a tragic death.

M’kay. So do a lot of liars, some of them clothed in mortal flesh. If your spirit is a liar (and I’m not denying there are some that will lie) then they’re going to pick something to make you feel for them.

Likewise there actually are spirits of young people who died a tragic death. Not all of them are liars. The question then would be to ask, “I’m sorry, Mr. Demonic Presence, but could you tell me how this is relevant to giving me this week’s lottery numbers again?”

On this one, I’ve yet to come across a tale about an alien making this claim to their subject. So I’ll give them a free pass here.

What’s important with this statement is that the article is using the Ouija board as an example of spirits lying about how they died. I have problems with that. First, the Ouija board has been scientifically tested and has all sorts of scientific evidence to back up that most of the messages are coming from the users’ subconsciousness in many cases. (Obviously not all. Magic and power has its ways.) Secondly, the article is basing this off of how the board reacts when teenagers are using it.

You know teenagers and their penchant for tragedy. Angst. Hormones! Death! If it weren’t for that penchant, the vampiric blasphemy of Twilight would never have survived to annoy me.

If you’re going to use something as an example like that, at least use something that hasn’t been debunked or influenced by hormones one too many times.

  • Demons apparently lure their subjects into asking for hidden knowledge and going deeper with their questioning.

Um. Yes. Of course they do (for the most part). They want you to thrive. They want your brain working. It’s good for them just as much as it’s good for you. One thing I have come to realize about the spirits that many people classify as demons over my entire life is that they are a symbiotic race.

Understand what this means. This means they need us to thrive. They don’t want us cast in hell for the most part. (There are, of course, dangerous entities out there. Magic is a natural environment just like anywhere else.) If we thrive, we put out the kind of sparkling bits that they need to thrive. It’s 50/50. It’s win-win, when it’s healthy.

Do you know what we get when we turn into a cluster of people who are NOT asking for knowledge, looking at boundaries, and learning? We get the fall of Rome. We get the Dark Ages. We get what’s happening in many unpleasant parts of the world today. Knowledge is power. Hiding from it is very bad for the human race.

Just remember that with great knowledge comes great responsibility. For which you personally are responsible.

I know I’m especially bent against aliens and the alien agenda. You would be, too, if you had seen what I’ve seen and discovered what I now know. (And I still know so very little.) I write things like this because I care, even though I try very hard not to.

More importantly, though, is the article’s kind of thinking is the very thing that was brought to these American shores to my people. It decimated us. It completely undermined a large part of our culture, divided us against ourselves, and destroyed things we can never get back.

In my opinion, that’s a Great Sin.

I used to believe so much in this type of thinking. I was a very devout Christian once upon a time. Then I started to ask questions and probe deeper. I cracked open a few books and read them.

Demons didn’t need to entice me to do that. My love of the truth did that.

Which presents a complete contradiction, now doesn’t it. If demons are lying to you to get you to trust them and fall for even more lies, then why would they be asking you to find the truth?

Think about it.


Are you a good demon or a bad alien?

This post is regarding certain aspects of demonology vs. certain aspects of being an alien abductee (which includes more than those who prefer to be called ‘experiencer’). Well, a certain aspect. I am but a student of life and am by no means an expert in either arena. These are just postulated ideas, food for thought, and nothing more.

All around the world people who deal with demons (i.e. manito) in some fashion (not necessarily by possession) and those who deal with the alien element of the metaphysical ranges sometimes have something in common: both manifest themselves in some fashion in the encounter. Sometimes the style of those encounters overlap.

When aliens come along, believe it or not it’s probably going to be physical. Their physical bodies enter your personal space for good or ill, and they physically interact with you in some fashion or another. It doesn’t matter if they floated through the walls or stepped out from the void between worlds. It is of absolutely no consequence that they’re talking to you in astral because somewhere out there they’re doing it from within or astrally extruding from a physical body. It doesn’t matter if their physical forms come from the 15th dimension. They are physical in some fashion, even if it’s not copper based. You are physical. Physical interaction is involved.

For the person receiving the visitation, most memories of it are wiped away to leave only impressions of what happened. It’s almost as if it was all a dream for most people. This leaves the false impression for many that they’ve been visited by astral forms or that everything they do is on some noncorporeal level. I have my doubts about this belief simply because scientific probing has shown that many “astral” encounters weren’t that at all.

And what happens during those encounters? Let’s focus on the first few minutes; when people are first being approached with that friendly or not-so-friendly ‘take me to your leader’. Many people who experience alien contact talk about how their visitors wait at the foot of the bed politely for them to come around. Dr. Jacobs’ research has revealed that often times their alien handlers will look them in the eye, deep in the eye, so that all the subject remembers seeing is this face up close and personal. Usually a little too up close and personal. Sometimes they don’t show themselves at all until they have to, leaving their next target jumping at shadows all day long while they suffer that creepy feeling of being watched.

At least with those aliens that have less than wholesome intentions one theme tends to remain true throughout for those that don’t work to uncover the truth past a certain comfort level: the aliens come according to your creed and religion. Dr.Karla Turner documented an entire family that thought their alien encounter was a visit from Jesus Christ. Some have reported seeing Krishna. In one reported encounter the person involved thought he was running towards a beautiful angel. (When he got there he was very nastily surprised.) Some think they see demons, some think they see large animals such as white owls or deer, and others only remember glowing lights and a feeling of absolute joy. My father thought he had went to visit an old Indian village in America’s historical past. The list goes on and on with a single running theme: how you remember them appearing is usually meant to endear you or to at least get you to come closer. Christians do not normally see Krishna in these encounters and Hindus do not see Jesus. What we see is personally tailored so we feel compelled to go to what we’re going to get.

There are people that claim they can summon aliens, that the aliens will do their bidding. I’ve seen one man record his demands for ships to show and then the ships in the sky; so small they’re almost no more than a blip. But they’re there. Other people have tried that and got nothing. No alien love for them.

It hit me today how similar a demonic encounter can be to what I have read, studied and experienced in regards to the alien phenomenon. And yet things aren’t exactly similar. It’s enough for people to get the two confused, though, and that bothers me. It’s important for our life and liberty that we learn to be able to two encounters apart so that we do not lie to ourselves, can protect our way of life, and most importantly know when we are being lied to.

The first similarity is the obvious one: there are people who can summon demons. And like with the aliens, there are people the demons point and laugh at while hitting ignore on that phone call. And, the part that frightens a lot of people the most, demons may decide to visit you without an invitation just like the aliens do.

This major difference with these encounters is that usually for a demon to interact with you and I, they need a vessel. They are, as far as we can tell, noncorporeal beings and lack a certain physical density to their shape and form. So they find ways to contact you, either by touching your psychic sense while you are awake or while you are dreaming, sending a sign, or by some other means. When touching you directly you are, in a sense, a vessel; a means of communication for they must reach within your talents and manipulate your ability to see and hear them. When going through round about means, they must reach into something or someone else’s talents to do the same thing. They appear to use the same methods to get the same result.

So you would think that the best way to tell the two apart is to examine how the encounter happened. Not so fast.

Demons can interact with you physically by means of possession, throwing objects at you, and manifesting so that you can see them with your very physical naked eye. (I’m sure there are other methods.) I have been told by an expert that when demons come along, they rarely show themselves unless invited.  (In my experience this has not been the case, but who knows.) I have yet to see a demon manifest into a solid object I could grab into my bare hands. I’ve yet to hear of someone who didn’t turn out to be an abductee who was making a claim that they had seen it for themselves as well.

Just the subtle difference between alien and demon encounter can be a beginning to telling the two apart, but it’s not a sure thing. Aliens, as I said before, will tailor your experience into what manipulates you the best. They’ve been known to contact via telepathy, astral travel, and in the more hardcore documentation though machinery that simulates any and all contact conditions you can find and describe including demonic encounters.

For example, let’s address the many poltergeist and demonic encounters modern day ghost hunters crave. A poltergeist is a specific type of spirit that is known to create physical disturbances when they are active; they throw objects at people, open doors, and even may try to smother you with your pillow. Aliens, especially hybrids, are also known to throw things. And possession? Yes. The aliens have their ways of controlling you to the point that you may find your body doing things without you wanted them to at all. (On a side note, our government has also developed this technology although it is unclear if they’ve used it beyond telling roaches what to do with themselves at this time.) They have a lot of ways, actually. It seems that the main difference here is that demons are not physical beings, being noncorporeal, so the level of their physical interaction is limited. Aliens more. Demons less.

Demons and aliens also tend to mirror, at least on the superficial level, why they have made contact. Both abductees and those who dance with demons say the same thing: their contacts give them messages, teach them things, and usually have a lot to say. This is where I can at least find some firm differences.

Most people contact demons because they want something. Fortunately, we humans do seem to have a symbiotic relationship with them or the demons may be feeling a little put out by now. So let’s say I summon Buer (again) for healing. If he comes, he may work with me, impart some wisdom, and the rest is up to me. It’s expected, at least by other practicing magicians, that I give something back. And usually the information is on a personal level. I can’t say that the exchange is wholly selfish, except maybe a little on my part, because Buer is being helpful while getting something in exchange. It’s 50/50.

When a person is contacted by their alien handlers, it’s goes to more of a 10/90 ratio. The aliens want something – eggs, sperm, breast feeding an alien hybrid, to make a report on some situation that effects their agenda… name it and that’s probably something they wanted so long as you understand the end motivation was purely selfish on their part. There is a large number of people who claim their handlers are setting them up for a role that they will serve in alien society – under alien dictatorship of course – and we all know about the ones who go around talking about the ways we must achieve world peace through love, a global economy, and the alien way. Even with that last bit, it’s impossible to honestly say that what they are preaching isn’t founded in the self-serving motivation to change our society to their mold and will. Claim that they love us all you want, but one has to question what sort of love requires you change your entire way of life to suit an alien race that doesn’t even think like you do in the least… or really have any emotions *to* know what love is.

There’s more. Some abductees report that their aliens healed them. There is one case of a woman who had multiple fractures and broken bones. She was abducted and came back healed the next day. The dark side to this is that for every one person who claims the aliens did them some good, there are at least 10 who have nothing but pure negative experiences that range from rape to being brutally beaten while being raped. (This sets aside those with MKultra MILAB experiences. That’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.)

Some abductees report that they or their families were threatened in order to get them to behave. I’ve yet to hear of a demon doing something like that. And don’t get me started on cow and human mutilations. Autopsies have suggested that each of those mutilations were done with precise equipment such as high-powered surgical lasers, and the subjects were mutilated *while they were alive*. Unless demons are going around with precise lasers on the tips of their claws, it’s just difficult to say a demon is responsible for any of that.

So perhaps the best way to figure out which is which is to explore motivation. S. Connolly in her book The Complete Guide to Demonolatry stated that even when a demon is giving someone negative experiences, it’s usually with a lesson or some important point behind it. In other words, demons are usually looking out for you, your growth, and your well being. And why wouldn’t they? Again, we and they have a symbiotic relationship. We do well. They do well.

When looking at all of the hardcore UFOlogy research, when an alien encounter is negative it’s because the alien didn’t give a flying fuck how hard you begged them to stop. Even in cases where it appears they looked out for someone’s well being, there was a deeper motive to it that had nothing to do with personal growth. We do not have a symbiotic relationship with the aliens. It’s more, as Dr. Karla Turner explained it, like we’re cattle and they’re farmers. Or, as Dr. Jacobs explains, they’re terraforming our culture for their selfish ends.

There is one last caveat to the issue of being able to tell the two apart. Demons are more straight forward with their approach. They speak in metaphor but overall what you see is what you get so long as you can figure out what you’ve been handed. They want you aware, because being aware means you can function within their provided parameters. Aliens, on the other hand, work in as much secrecy as they can. They don’t want you knowing on an aware level. They lie. They will hand you metaphors, and they will also give you what has been termed false memories. Those false memories cover other false memories. And those false memories might be masked in a false memory of a demon encounter, one that made you feel good and for all intents and purposes fit the bill for the real thing.

Now that I have went through all of this, I am left trying to figure out how to tell the two apart. Even when summoning a demon on purpose, if you know you are being visited by extraterrestrials you have to suspect everything that happens. One way would be to find a decent hypnotherapist, one who has experience getting past the mask memories so you can divine the truth. (And the truth truly will set you free.) However in the case of not being able to find a decent hypnotherapist one has to find other ways.

The best method: Learning more about the alien problem – learn all you can with a clear and unbiased mind (Yes, I’m biased. I earned it through research, dammit.)  – because it’s true when they say knowledge is power. There are ways to test your body with a black light to see if you’re been handled by the type of alien known as Greys, for example. (But not for most of modern day hybrids, as they look very human and probably do not exude the same oil from their body.) There are other physical signs, consistent ones that are the same all around the globe, that aliens leave behind but demons do not. I do not have time to list what I can remember offhand here.

I think, however, that discovering motivation is the biggest key to this. And not just motivation, but reason and approach. I could akin an alien’s offered information to a pervert giving a child an ice cream cone. They want you hooked on the flavor so they can get in your pants. So in many cases they offer the big stuff; how to pilot an interdimensional drive (or at least make you think you’ve been shown that) or how wonderful it’s going to be when you help all of the scared people aboard the craft during some promised catastrophe. Demonic information doesn’t seem to be on that level.

Last but not least, it’s important to recognize both of these phenomenon exist. It’s seriously annoys the living shit out of me when I come across a magician who suddenly doesn’t want anything to do with someone that believes in aliens. I’ve even had one or two suggest I was mentally unstable – this coming from someone who claims to practice magick I’m sure you can see how hypocritical that sounds. If you can’t, go find a corner and think about it for a while. On the other hand, people who study the alien problem will throw their religious lens on faster than a thunder clap and accuse most magicians of practicing evil. This coming from people who either are on the side of the aliens and want to change your entire life to fit their paradigm or feel they are fighting the worst evil the world has ever faced, I’m sure you can see the hypocrisy. If you can’t, go find a corner ad nauseum.

As seekers of the truth, we shouldn’t point fingers in either direction. We’re supposed to want to know the truth. This means we should truly want to know if our guides are demons or aliens. And if they are one or the other, we should truly know what they want and behave accordingly.

Bad demon, good demon, bad alien, good alien? Being as both of these guide the lives of so many, it’s a question that must be answered.