Buer Health Potion Charm

bottleBuer, considered one of the great presidents of Hell and an overall smart guy, is the kind of demonic manitu that teaches philosophy, herbology and other fine and important things. Another important aspect of him, and why he was one of the first spirits I worked with in recent times, is that he is also a healer. Although he apparently has a better time working on the male body over the female. Which is okay. I have a better time drawing the female body over the male. We all have our hangups.

It occurred to me as I assembled charms for future convention stock (because I make charms for fun and profit), that one could literally  make a mana “potion” charm using the powers of Buer or some entity similar. The picture to the left of the first paragraph is such a thing.

It’s a self-augmenting item, I realized as I created it, sort of like sigil magic. Here is why and how I created it.

The bottle is a very tiny 1.5 milliliter size bottle. I buy bottles such as it in bulk on occasion for charm making. This one is about an inch tall, maybe less. Probably less.

Another item I have in my arsenal of bits and bobs are tiny rolls scrolls, also for charm making. I unrolled one, drew Buer’s sigil upon it, rerolled it, and trimmed the ends to make it a wee bit smaller. I could also have blessed the scroll, kissed it for luck, or any number of extra things but I personally have never had the need to take extra steps like that. But if you’re making one and you feel the need, by all means.

In most video and MMORG games, health potions are red. I filled the bottle about halfway with red glitter.

I inserted the scroll. It was still a little too tall to go below the neck of the bottle, so I filled the rest of the space with more red glitter.

I then put on the stopper and screw. To make sure thing don’t fall apart, I glued them. Elmer’s glue isn’t enough. You gotta use good glue for that part.

When it dries (it’s not dry yet) I’ll give it a lobster clasp and it will be ready to wear.

But I’ll need to wear it prominently for it to self augment. Oh, we all know that won’t be necessary but for me half of the fun is in the fun. I’ll be putting it on a necklace chain. Or. I’ll find a demonic manitu that enjoys teaching magic and make a matching charm for mana for a pair of earrings.

Imagine wearing this at, say, a gaming or science fiction/fantasy convention where everyone can see your health potion. Yep. That’s a lot of minds that will subconsciously, and even consciously, think “health” in your direction. Which will of course be like having a shower of health blessing all the convention long.

Maybe I’ll make some of these to sell. The problem is I couldn’t sell them outright at conventions like I do prints of my Bastet portrait, which is where you’ll find me and my charms. *taps finger on desk thoughtfully*

Resources and Aids

Psalms 23

I am preparing for a green candle spell I learned today; it’s considered to be a hoodoo spell. It calls for reciting Psalms 23. I took a quick look on the internet and found this. I think adding a section here with online resources for people to find and use would be good, so here is the first entry.

Psalms 23, a 800 dpi public domain scan you can frame or put in your grimoire. It’s very pretty and housed at Wikipedia.



Play-dough of DOOM!

Don’t ask me how or why I find certain things, but there are times I do. Usually these times are when I’m looking for something completely unrelated. My Google-foo is weak, but my accidental-foo is strong apparently.

So I came across a Youtube instructional video on how to hex someone. Intrigued, I sat back to give it a listen. I didn’t get very far into the video, because the instructing witch held up a can of play-dough and explained it could be used to make a voodoo doll with.

I find it simply too, too hilarious not to have a selection of play-dough tucked away in my altar in case I decide to hex someone. The other half and I put the video on pause and ran to the store right then and there to purchase our evil play-dough. Furthermore, we took a very long time in selecting just what colors we wanted. We ended up buying the entire rainbow available so that I could be creative in my evil hexing creations. After all, being evil is meant to be fun. All sorts of fun.

Now if you’re thinking that the other half and I immediately set about hexing everyone that cut us off in traffic, worry not. The play-dough is still in it’s wrapping, sitting in the altar. I do not know when I will use my newly learned knowledge to hex someone, or if I ever will. It’s more that this particular concept was so inline with humor magic, I had to collect it for future goose.

If you’re curious about the video I shall link and/or embed it below. I enjoy this woman’s videos. Some of her comments are hilarious, and she usually explains things pretty well. I gotta say it. I’m subscribed. I recommend that if you’re serious you check her out as well. Give her lots of love.

Kinsouth is only a few weeks away! I’m getting very excited.

Edit: I note the original video has been taken down, which is a shame as it was very informative. I found something else for your enjoyment. The statement with this video says they would not like this video to get to “the younger” crowd, as things like this are for the “experienced witch”. I do agree that a brash person should not be doing this sort of stuff – you CAN hurt yourself and/or the wrong person – but when I was “the younger crowd” I wouldn’t have been caught hexing a soul….


Book of Shadows (Grimoire) · Wishes and Manifestations

Wishing Bath Ritual

I’m the type of magick worker that likes the things I do to have more than one function. Lately I’ve been experimenting with using the water in my bath to manifest changes I would like in my body such as improved health. So tonight while researching how to manifest thought-forms I came across a simple wish spell that involved a glass of water, and I decided that it couldn’t hurt to share what I’m up to and let others give it a shot. Especially since I have seen some progress in the past few weeks.  Most people around these here parts bathe or shower at least once a day, so it’s not too difficult to turn this secular ritual into something a bit more special.

I’m going to go through the entire process and you can imitate or borrow from it as feels appropriate for you.

Before I begin to outline my steps, I would like you to stop and consider the science behind this. Yes, there is an actual science. The ancients have always known that water was very powerful and could be used to amplify spell work, direct psychic focus, and aide in healing. How wonderful it is that Dr. Emoto has been able to give us hard-core scientific evidence of how water mirrors what we think by actually changing shape at the microscopic level.

So yes, there’s science behind this. I’m sure the ability to fold space and time, the fact that a plant in Nigeria will reflect something happening to it through another planet literally across the planet, and that atoms are linked in a way we don’t completely understand yet comes into play. I’m not enough of a scientist to speculate past that point. On to the spell.

Before you begin, decide what you want and be prepared to state your wish as you would when creating a wish fulfillment. Don’t say something like, “I wish I had a pony.” Rather, you state it as if it has happened and is already a reality. You are creating a thoughtform to bring about this wish after all. So you say instead, “I have a pony.” I know I’m oversimplifying how to state the manifested wish here, but I tend to keep my work simple. You must state things as feels right for you.

Step 1. When I approach the bath, I automatically tend to adopt a certain mindset – as if I’m a high priestess or the Oracle of Delphi stepping into a specially-prepared bath in preparation for some coming event like overseeing a wedding or spending a day telling futures. It’s as if I’m entering a sacred chamber, and I won’t bathe ritualistically without having this feeling inside.

Step 2. If you’re thinking I run the bath water next, you guessed it. However, I also treat the bath water. Usually I just add bubbles, but sometimes I will add rose water or some other element. I prefer rose water – not just because roses heighten psychic abilities – because it feels appropriate. I can’t always get my hands on things like that, though. Lately I’ve simply been adding the extra juice from my Korean beauty masks. It’s not enough to turn the water into a giant Korean beauty mask pool or probably do anything at all, so the act is more of a special magical touch. Something to mark the water as special. Think of it as something done to charge (or start charging) the water magically, because that’s what it is.

Step 3. I suppose you could get into the bath with your clothes on, but I usually disrobe at this point. If you really wanna get fancy you can take your clothes off while telling yourself what you’re up to, but I am lazy and don’t bother.

Step 4. And now you… bathe! Da da da duuum. Obviously you’re going to do your normal things in the bath: soap up, wash, etc. But as I’m in my magically charged water, I take the extra step of charging the water further with my hands and covering myself as much as possible. I will gently splash myself repeatedly while stating my wish either under my breathe or in my mind. Sometimes I do this until the water is getting cold.

Step 5 (optional): Sometimes I will put on a Korean face mask and sit in my water as an extra step. I might even put on the mask as soon as I get into the water. It’s just an extra step that adds extra energy to the work.

Step 6: I don’t close a circle or anything when I’m done. I simply let out the water, get out and towel off. 🐱 This particular ritual is a simple one that doesn’t require much by the way of invoking things to help you, so once I’m done I’m done.

And that’s it! Happy bathing.



Book of Shadows (Grimoire) · Holidays

Rite to Lucifer

In demonolatry (and possibly others), the Rite to Lucifer is the first of the year. It happens on Spring Solstice – this year that’s March 20 but I’ve noticed that many people just mark it at the 21st – and is the first of two in the year. Many marriages and handfastings also happen on this day.

It is an elemental rite to the Element of Air, Lucifer being an Elemental demon and Ruler of the Air. It is also a celebration of new beginnings, enlightenment, wisdom and of course the arrival of Spring.

Air is very important to human life and is something that should be appreciated at least if you’re not celebrating it. It is freshness, movement, communication, and intelligence. Space. It is sound’s carriage, which may explain why Lucifer is said to have a harmonious voice. It is also associated with dreams, wishes, and ideas. The Four Winds must bow to it, for without it they would be nothing. Hebrew scholars call it the glue that binds everything together.

Air is emotional instincts that stir passion and the element of the spirit. It is prayer, meditation, and a host of other things that simply could not happen if it did not exist.

Air is also freedom. This lends deeper meaning to the quote, “Give me freedom or give me death.” Although I’m sure it was not meant that way.

  • None shall fly as fast.
  • None shall have wit as sharp.
  • None shall dream as large.
  • Only one can command thy breath.

Here is a link with instructions to perform this ritual as per the demonolatry method:


Book of Shadows (Grimoire) · Wardings

How to Get People to Leave You Alone – Warding Spell

This spell I got off of an online Book of Shadows over fifteen years ago, and I never forgot it. It’s definitely a guarantee to work. But be warned, only the bravest of heart can see this spell through to the end.


Materials you will need:

A dead badger

A dead skunk

A dead raccoon

Strong twine, enough to make a long necklace

Your bed and your bedroom.

The ritual

Step 1: Put the dead animals under your bed for about a week.

Step 2: At the end of the seven day ritual, retrieve your dead animals. Now you must ceremoniously string them on the twine. Attach them firmly; body parts tend to fall off of rotting carcasses.

Step 3: Tie the twine with the dead animals around your neck and wear as a necklace wherever you go.

Enjoy people leaving you alone!