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Rite to Lucifer

In demonolatry (and possibly others), the Rite to Lucifer is the first of the year. It happens on Spring Solstice – this year that’s March 20 but I’ve noticed that many people just mark it at the 21st – and is the first of two in the year. Many marriages and handfastings also happen on this day.

It is an elemental rite to the Element of Air, Lucifer being an Elemental demon and Ruler of the Air. It is also a celebration of new beginnings, enlightenment, wisdom and of course the arrival of Spring.

Air is very important to human life and is something that should be appreciated at least if you’re not celebrating it. It is freshness, movement, communication, and intelligence. Space. It is sound’s carriage, which may explain why Lucifer is said to have a harmonious voice. It is also associated with dreams, wishes, and ideas. The Four Winds must bow to it, for without it they would be nothing. Hebrew scholars call it the glue that binds everything together.

Air is emotional instincts that stir passion and the element of the spirit. It is prayer, meditation, and a host of other things that simply could not happen if it did not exist.

Air is also freedom. This lends deeper meaning to the quote, “Give me freedom or give me death.” Although I’m sure it was not meant that way.

  • None shall fly as fast.
  • None shall have wit as sharp.
  • None shall dream as large.
  • Only one can command thy breath.

Here is a link with instructions to perform this ritual as per the demonolatry method: