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How to Get People to Leave You Alone – Warding Spell

This spell I got off of an online Book of Shadows over fifteen years ago, and I never forgot it. It’s definitely a guarantee to work. But be warned, only the bravest of heart can see this spell through to the end.


Materials you will need:

A dead badger

A dead skunk

A dead raccoon

Strong twine, enough to make a long necklace

Your bed and your bedroom.

The ritual

Step 1: Put the dead animals under your bed for about a week.

Step 2: At the end of the seven day ritual, retrieve your dead animals. Now you must ceremoniously string them on the twine. Attach them firmly; body parts tend to fall off of rotting carcasses.

Step 3: Tie the twine with the dead animals around your neck and wear as a necklace wherever you go.

Enjoy people leaving you alone!