Book of Shadows (Grimoire) · Wishes and Manifestations

Wishing Bath Ritual

I’m the type of magick worker that likes the things I do to have more than one function. Lately I’ve been experimenting with using the water in my bath to manifest changes I would like in my body such as improved health. So tonight while researching how to manifest thought-forms I came across a simple wish spell that involved a glass of water, and I decided that it couldn’t hurt to share what I’m up to and let others give it a shot. Especially since I have seen some progress in the past few weeks.  Most people around these here parts bathe or shower at least once a day, so it’s not too difficult to turn this secular ritual into something a bit more special.

I’m going to go through the entire process and you can imitate or borrow from it as feels appropriate for you.

Before I begin to outline my steps, I would like you to stop and consider the science behind this. Yes, there is an actual science. The ancients have always known that water was very powerful and could be used to amplify spell work, direct psychic focus, and aide in healing. How wonderful it is that Dr. Emoto has been able to give us hard-core scientific evidence of how water mirrors what we think by actually changing shape at the microscopic level.

So yes, there’s science behind this. I’m sure the ability to fold space and time, the fact that a plant in Nigeria will reflect something happening to it through another planet literally across the planet, and that atoms are linked in a way we don’t completely understand yet comes into play. I’m not enough of a scientist to speculate past that point. On to the spell.

Before you begin, decide what you want and be prepared to state your wish as you would when creating a wish fulfillment. Don’t say something like, “I wish I had a pony.” Rather, you state it as if it has happened and is already a reality. You are creating a thoughtform to bring about this wish after all. So you say instead, “I have a pony.” I know I’m oversimplifying how to state the manifested wish here, but I tend to keep my work simple. You must state things as feels right for you.

Step 1. When I approach the bath, I automatically tend to adopt a certain mindset – as if I’m a high priestess or the Oracle of Delphi stepping into a specially-prepared bath in preparation for some coming event like overseeing a wedding or spending a day telling futures. It’s as if I’m entering a sacred chamber, and I won’t bathe ritualistically without having this feeling inside.

Step 2. If you’re thinking I run the bath water next, you guessed it. However, I also treat the bath water. Usually I just add bubbles, but sometimes I will add rose water or some other element. I prefer rose water – not just because roses heighten psychic abilities – because it feels appropriate. I can’t always get my hands on things like that, though. Lately I’ve simply been adding the extra juice from my Korean beauty masks. It’s not enough to turn the water into a giant Korean beauty mask pool or probably do anything at all, so the act is more of a special magical touch. Something to mark the water as special. Think of it as something done to charge (or start charging) the water magically, because that’s what it is.

Step 3. I suppose you could get into the bath with your clothes on, but I usually disrobe at this point. If you really wanna get fancy you can take your clothes off while telling yourself what you’re up to, but I am lazy and don’t bother.

Step 4. And now you… bathe! Da da da duuum. Obviously you’re going to do your normal things in the bath: soap up, wash, etc. But as I’m in my magically charged water, I take the extra step of charging the water further with my hands and covering myself as much as possible. I will gently splash myself repeatedly while stating my wish either under my breathe or in my mind. Sometimes I do this until the water is getting cold.

Step 5 (optional): Sometimes I will put on a Korean face mask and sit in my water as an extra step. I might even put on the mask as soon as I get into the water. It’s just an extra step that adds extra energy to the work.

Step 6: I don’t close a circle or anything when I’m done. I simply let out the water, get out and towel off. 🐱 This particular ritual is a simple one that doesn’t require much by the way of invoking things to help you, so once I’m done I’m done.

And that’s it! Happy bathing.