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One Lump or Two

Ten years ago or more, when I was a bit more spunky, I and the team of people I’d managed to assemble went around bothering various things be it a god or a random ghost and even Edgar Cayce. Yes, I do mean astrally, or with remote viewing. You name it. The joke? It’s tea time. Is it tea time. Ready for tea time. Hey everybody it’s time for tea.

I was referring to a time when the Wheel turns and something was gonna happen. It was something I knew to expect, but when you’re in “the program” just about everything is only hinted at in your mind and half the time you’re not sure where you get your shit from until it’s too late.

Roll to now several years later. I’d forgotten about that old joke. The team is long since gone – most of them went mundane. And suddenly the Hollywood butterflies are *referring to tea time*. Taylor Swift is being served tea by a snake in her most recent video. Someone else said it was tea time in something, I can’t remember what, but it made me sit up with eyebrows to my forehead.

… It’s… apparently tea time.


I just… don’t know what tea time actually… is.

The only thing I know is this. When Oswald supposedly shot JFK, he had a meeting with a woman that day who served him tea. It was tea time for him. And he cannot remember.

This phenomenon is mirrored by a few other “lone” assassins.

WTF is tea time….

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The Elephant in the Room

Lord Ganesha Drawings Simple God Ganesh Drawings | Free Download Clip Art | Free Clip Art | OnThe prodigal cat, Liono Mongo, had a high fever a couple of nights ago and I was worried. I can’t help it. Ever since that time he ran away, I’ve been more sensitive to his needs. He, in turn, appears to be more sensitive as if his grueling ordeal still hadn’t quite faded. And it probably hasn’t.

So I had him in my arms where he preferred to be, and it’s the middle of the night. No vets were open, and the coffers were low anyway. So, as I’ve been working with Buer a little bit over the past few weeks, I started reaching out to him to heal my kitteh.

I was really worried, so I had my eyes closed and was really trying to open that channel and help Mongo out. That’s when something flickered to the right side of my mind’s eye peripheral vision.

I remember thinking that I must have had an energy channel open, and that this was good for Mongo. But the flickering didn’t stay in one place. It quickly became apparent that I was watching something flitter down, floating back and forth like a leaf falling from a tree. My mind’s eye sees in black and white, usually, and with a TV static appearance but it was enough to see the leaflike object get a little larger. It began to remind of a paisley design.

‘What is that,’ I’m half-wondering while continuing to focus on healing Mongo. The object was now at a constant distance – in my mind’s eye it looked like it was a few inches big. In real life distance that probably would have put it a block away from me I guess. At about this point I started to make out the outline of an elephant’s trunk.

Even after seeing that I was still trying to figure out what I was looking it. After about a minute I asked, “Ganesh… uh… are you Ganesh?” Oh yeah, I’m just full of social graces and clever conversation openers.

I received no answer, of course. Just silence and this floaty almost paisley shaped blob with an elephant truck that I could almost guess was Ganesh sitting on one of those lotus thrones, but stylized.

As per usual this brought me back, and I was left wondering why in the world Ganesh would answer my call to Buer. Mind you, being answered by the wrong entity seems to be getting common for me. I was reaching out to Shammash a couple of months ago and got Hephaestus instead.  It’s like I’m always dialing the wrong number, or perhaps when the phone rings in the Great God Apartment in the Aether someone else answers when my target isn’t available.

Mongo started to act like he felt better within the hour.  The next day I turned to the not so wise internet to find out why the fuck I had an elephant pay a visit floating miraculously on a leaf in the mental sky.

I knew nothing about Ganesh, and this situation is something I actually tend to cultivate. When the information comes to me after I’ve encountered the fact, it’s easier to say for sure that your imagination didn’t mess up the entire affair. I read how Ganesh got his elephant head – apparently there are a couple of stories, one of which involves Saturn. That left me wondering just which planetary deity Ganesh is, but anyway.

When I came across how Ganesh never ever speaks, I knew I’d not dreamed it. Not that I thought I had. I was wide awake for all of that.

However I haven’t found anything yet about Ganesh actually *healing* anything or anyone. He’s the patron of intellect, arts, and things that I do naturally as per my personality and bent. I can’t find anything about him being a healer. But don’t think I haven’t noticed that this is not the first patron of arts and science to come to me, a person of arts and science, when calling for help. It’s like I’ve got the attention of the Cosmic College’s Arts and Science department.

Which leaves me wondering why in the fuck he came on Buer’s behalf. Or maybe he saw an open window and floated in by the breeze.

My ability to connect with things has really improved, and this makes me happy. It’s even better than when I was younger, when I was active before. This might be because I have less fucks to give over what people think of me. Giving a fuck still brought persecution, so to hell with it. I’m simply going to be what I was born to be.

Being visited frequently like this? Well. Someone said a neat quote to me about that. “In some societies you’re crazy if you see your grandfather’s ghost; in other societies you’re crazy if you don’t.” I may make that my motto.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wary of people who really are mentally insane. Or the worse kind of assholes – the kind that are out for something. Anything. So long as they can take and throw you away.

But! Ganesh. As he removes obstacles, maybe it removed what was making Mongo sick. Who knows.



How does a god choose a follower that has absolutely no clue when things are reaching out to them? How does a god get noticed by the metaphysically dense? How do they kick people in the pants?

By being shiny in the store, I think.

I saw it happen this past weekend, I swear to you. The husband and I went into Earthbound at the mall, and within minutes he was telling me how much he needed the little Ganesh (Gesundheit!) statuette on the shelf.

We got it for him.

I thought the husband wasn’t serious – his roads are paved with good intentions but he rarely gets past the intent – but he’s serious. He’s been sending me articles about Ganesh’s life and is marveling at what Ganesh stands for, because it aligns with things he himself feels he stands for. (And for me as well, apparently, but I am working with Hephaestus right now.)

It looks like Ganesh knew what he was doing. But when you’re thousands of years old and have the mind of an elephant, you tend to have a little bit of wisdom mixed in with that long memory.

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Gifts from Bastet

2f2d35cf17cc7f1f30d0f8e4bd321187-dbf1dfv[1]As a piss poor magician, I have been trying to keep my focus on servitors and the manitu of late. My reasons are multi-fold, but the biggest two of those reasons have to do with 1. knowing about a clutch of ancient servitors and 2. dabbling in demonolatry only to get slightly serious after learning that a similar path was the original religious way of my people. But still I am a piss-poor magician, and I think this is why the cosmos smacked me a little bit a few days ago.

Normally my approach to magick is nonchalant. Then one of my beloved cats tore open the cat carrier and ran away from the veterinary parking lot. Trying to find him by asking around and posting flyers wasn’t going to get anywhere, and I knew it. I had to take that further step above.

First I turned to my servitors with no results. I wasn’t surprised. As days passed my anxiety grew, and then I knew. I was going to have to go crying to someone with more reach than the servitors.

It took me a while to figure out just who to go to. Faced with this situation I actually didn’t want to go to the obvious answer – Bastet, cat goddess of Egypt, because that’s what everyone does. I opened books and looked on the internet at various names, trying to find someone who wouldn’t have such a long line of people waiting to pester them. Indeed it was with much reluctance that I finally turned to Bast.

How I did the actual approaching I guess is important only in that everyone has their own unique ways of doing things. For me, one of the strongest ways I use to create a Work is to do things with my hands. In the old days, I used to work with paint and canvas. Spirits used to approach me often for their portraits to be made. It was interesting.

Drawing a circle and doing all that solitary ritual stuff literally has little effect for me. I knew it, and where I had been lately trying to use the ritual methods in a half-ass attempt to be less of a piss-poor magician I was desperate. I opened Photoshop, grabbed my light pen, and I began to ‘pray’.

I was with her immediately. For me these experiences are a lot of empathic remote viewing, so I felt her affirmative nod more than saw it. It wasn’t a yes so much as a “I hear you and I agree with your request”. (They speak in tiers you know.) Then she requested a portrait from me. I hadn’t received such a request in so many years, I admit I chuckled and said out loud, “Okay. I can do that.”

I worked all through the night, putting on the final flourish as the sun was rising. I have embedded the image in this post. The sun? She insisted on that sun although I didn’t know why at the time. The wings? She actually guided my hand some, which is why their style is a slight bit more detailed than my usual kind.

As it was finished she changed her tune from ‘Yes your cat was coming home.’ to ‘No I’m not going to do it but I will you shall see.’ I thought maybe she was disappointed in my work, that I had taken too many artistic liberties or something. I also doubted the final message I had received, a bad habit but one can lie to themselves so easily.

Then I looked her up a bit and I learned why she wanted that sun, as well as other things. It was amusing.

Twenty-four hours later it happened.

The husband left for work early in the morning, and I was still awake from handling some odds and ends in the office. Suddenly he drives up, rushes inside, and hands me a kitten; a little orange kitten who happened to look exactly like my cat gone astray.

The husband explained that the kitten appeared suddenly at the door to the gas station as if it had been waiting for him. The lady at the counter told him that it would let no one near it. However, the little guy crawled right up into the husband’s shirt like my other cat used to do. And purred, and purred, and melted into my arms to purr some more. He had decided he was with the right people, as if he knew to expect it.

I wept when I realized this kitten had been sent from Bast, because I knew it meant my other cat would not be coming home. I had suspected he didn’t make it out there in town, because I had dreamed he jumped on the bed. In the dream I knew he had actually truly returned and it wasn’t a dream. My cats all tend to come back to me this way, and they may hang around for years before moving on.

So clutching this tiny gift from a goddess, I tried so hard to be thankful. But I could only feel sorrow. The kitten in turn didn’t let me out of his sight for 24 hours, looking me in the eyes and purring softly. Goddess only knows what was going on in that tiny cranium of his.

It’s a day later and the little guy has no name yet. It will come to me, as with all the other kittehs in my care. Dinkus maybe. Ha. He already has become part of the household. The other cats barely even hiss at him – not normal in case you don’t know cats – and he’s even litterbox trained.

Of course we have to make sure we haven’t somehow gotten someone’s beloved and lost pet. It wouldn’t be right to do to someone else what is happening to me. Even though we’re pretty sure he was sent to stay. And I admit to still hoping Mongo makes it home.

Thank you, Bastet, for making as good as you could on my request. You could have said no. You chose a path of love instead. Whatever is name his going to be, I’m sure he’s going to pick something appropriate.


The Pursuit of Mushrooms

I tend to pursue a lot of esoteric knowledge just for the sake of knowing. I don’t get to pursue often because of work, but when I do it’s usually something I find interesting as I am sure is the case for a lot of people.

Lately I’ve been reading an old book called The Mushroom and the Cross.

The premise of the book is that mushrooms, specifically psychedelic ones, are grounded very deep into the pagan roots of Christianity. The writers present a very solid case on the matter, and I have found it so amusing that for Christmas I insisted on changing my tree’s theme of blue and white to that of red cap mushrooms. The tree looked fabulous this year, and will for years to come as I seek out old-fashioned ornaments shaped like mushrooms year ’round.

It’s a very short book, being that I think it was more of a term paper than anything. The research references take up over 1/3 of the volume.

So I recommend it to anyone who may be interested. Buying a copy can be expensive. I got lucky and found a battered old version for $3 or so off of Amazon. Other people sell it a bit higher. However you can also get a new ebook version if you’re willing to read it that way. I prefer paper.