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Kinsouth 2016

Is next weekend!

The date and location were not disclosed publicly on purpose. If you had wanted to come, you should have contacted me personally.

In the meantime we are very much looking forward to our yearly ritual weekend despite the angst and drama surrounding the current Presidential debates. Our wishes from last year came true so spectacularly, we’re hard put to figure out what to wish for this year.

However there is one caveat: can’t be greedy. There’s a story about a monkey’s paw all participants should read if they don’t know about it.

We’re also looking forward to the location, which is south of us as per KinSOUTH Allthing tradition. We have a cabin this year in a very nice location. On Friday we’ll be doing some ghost hunting for our metaphysical activity, and one of our attendees is going to be a reincarnated dog. Fun!


Date: Thingstead 2013

Kinsouth’s date is the first weekend of November. Officially things will open for people to arrive October 30th to give people time to meet and greet around the rituals, but the first official day is Friday.

The location will be my house: being in the army and having financial issues pretty much made it fate. But no worries, there is a large backyard for sword fighting and tent pitching, a shower, the works. We’re usually a very very small mini-gather, so whatever works. And this way you won’t have to worry about paying camping fees. So maybe this is for the best.

The schedule is looking something like:

Up until Friday: meet and greet.

  • Friday morning: mead and next year’s ritual drink making – but only if everyone attending is of legal age.
  • We’ll work on pendulums and roller coasting (past life meditations, etc) as time allows through the day Friday.  I may even show you how to break into and wreak havoc in the Akashik records. It’s been about 6 years since our last jaunt to tease the Intergalactic Historian, so it’s about time.
  • Friday night: the opening ritual and “do not do this” talk. Please read the rules on this site on how to behave before attending. If I have to tell someone to shut up for taking over my rituals one more time, I’m going to start bringing super soakers to ritual to target you with.
  • Saturday at some point: Tim will be holding a talk about government conspiracies, UFOs, military abductions and interesting things like that. Even if you don’t believe in them, there are important things to discuss. So be ready to use your brain.
  • Saturday night: wish ritual
  • Sunday morning: pack up, leave, have the parting mealKeeping in mind that Kinsouth might be extended until Monday morning.

    A metaphysical game will be fit into this schedule somehow, but meta games are usually done spontaneously or they lose their fun.

    BRING FOOD!!! I can’t stress this enough. Meals will be a potluck situation with people taking terms serving and cooking. Don’t be a bum and expect us to cater to your stupidity for not bringing something.

And people should be warned. I am known to do the following to rude guests:

  • Shoot you with water guns
  • Hit your hand with a wooden spoon – especially if you can’t keep your hands out of the food while it’s cooking. That’s rude and nasty. Don’t do it.
  • Give you “the look” or say something that amounts to “the look” but is a lot more direct

If you object to this or anything else I may do to remind you how to behave, then you should think twice about coming. I’m not abusive. I’m a cranky grandma. Get over it. 🐱


Thingstead 2013

This year’s Kinsouth is happening in the South of the United States at my home in Glenmora, Louisiana. We have a large back yard and people will be able to take showers, so although the finances didn’t allow us to hold it anywhere off site this year it may be for the best.

More later.

Still looking for an effigy!