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Kinsouth 2016

Is next weekend!

The date and location were not disclosed publicly on purpose. If you had wanted to come, you should have contacted me personally.

In the meantime we are very much looking forward to our yearly ritual weekend despite the angst and drama surrounding the current Presidential debates. Our wishes from last year came true so spectacularly, we’re hard put to figure out what to wish for this year.

However there is one caveat: can’t be greedy. There’s a story about a monkey’s paw all participants should read if they don’t know about it.

We’re also looking forward to the location, which is south of us as per KinSOUTH Allthing tradition. We have a cabin this year in a very nice location. On Friday we’ll be doing some ghost hunting for our metaphysical activity, and one of our attendees is going to be a reincarnated dog. Fun!


The New Year 2016

Even though it was just me and the hubby and a dog last year (and a vision that sent me home early), the wishes that happened at Kinsouth were fulfilled stronger than ever. For me, I had made a wish to be able to make more music and the house is filled not just with music (which we all could make wish or no wish) but a piano, several musical instruments, and long distant contact with an excellent musical influence – all things I couldn’t get before. Not enough funds. But as per Kinsouth Allthing tradition they just fell in my lap, and for this good energy and yearly ability I am grateful.

So even though the usual month for it is about 4 to 5 moons away I am thinking of where to go this year. I have realized that roughing it isn’t necessary, and maybe I’m just getting old and cranky but I like trying different things every year. There was one year a few years ago that we stayed in a yurtz – which was interesting.

This year I’m thinking of a cabin. There are some cabins nearby that aren’t too TOO expensive – not if I start saving aside for it now.

So this is the current tentative camp area:

I’m also going to follow the camping time closer to the moon itself. I haven’t been able to do that in the past because I was always bowing to what others claimed they wanted and needed. Last year was the first time in a long time I got to go with the flow as it was supposed to go, and the bounty this year was so wonderful I doubt I will ever bow to idiot claims again. Whose planning this thing anyway?

So more to come yet on dates and such.


The Pursuit of Mushrooms

I tend to pursue a lot of esoteric knowledge just for the sake of knowing. I don’t get to pursue often because of work, but when I do it’s usually something I find interesting as I am sure is the case for a lot of people.

Lately I’ve been reading an old book called The Mushroom and the Cross.

The premise of the book is that mushrooms, specifically psychedelic ones, are grounded very deep into the pagan roots of Christianity. The writers present a very solid case on the matter, and I have found it so amusing that for Christmas I insisted on changing my tree’s theme of blue and white to that of red cap mushrooms. The tree looked fabulous this year, and will for years to come as I seek out old-fashioned ornaments shaped like mushrooms year ’round.

It’s a very short book, being that I think it was more of a term paper than anything. The research references take up over 1/3 of the volume.

So I recommend it to anyone who may be interested. Buying a copy can be expensive. I got lucky and found a battered old version for $3 or so off of Amazon. Other people sell it a bit higher. However you can also get a new ebook version if you’re willing to read it that way. I prefer paper.


Up and Coming Audio Book

I know that a lot of you follow this blog for the pretty pictures – and there are a lot of you that follow this blog for news on up and coming book releases. (Which is awesome. I never thought this blog would have the amount of followers it has.)

So here’s something about an audiobook in production, in case any of you are interested in that sort of thing. Enjoy!


Kinsouth’s date

Is set. Well it’s been set, but with everyone going already knowing the date I forgot to update the website again. Ha ha…

So next weekend.

This will also be my husband’s birthday weekend, so I’ll most likely make sugar-free cupcakes for the wish ritual.

Oh! Double magic whammy! Birthday wish ritual plus Kinsouth wish ritual!!!!

This is gonna be gooood.


Kinsouth’s Allthing 2015

I haven’t done a lot to prep up for place a date for this year’s Kinsouth. It’s going to be a very very private affair this year due to some internal politics from people that, really, I should have known better from all the other time they played their sabotage games. So if you’re going to Kinsouth this year, count yourself lucky. I’m not doing a lot to promote it.

But the yearly reconnect and wish ritual will happen, even as I often say if I had to do it by myself. Having people in the circle and having fun is only part of the point. The other part has become a matter of reaffirmation; something that’s very important. Grounding. Centering. Just flat out taking a break from the rest of the world.

I will be bringing a book with me this year. I can’t decide if I want it to be about government corruption or astrotheology. I’m leaning towards astrotheology.

The date depends on one person who may or may not be attending. So either we’re hanging out in the woods of Southern Illinois the weekend of the 22nd or we’ll be doing it the weekend of the 29th.

2 dogs will also be in attendance this year as I work to train them to get used to such things.

Even though last year was smeared on by a person’s personal bullshit, the wish ritual was a success (as always) and this past year has been fairly fruitful. I’m not sure what wish I shall cast this year.

That is all.