Play-dough of DOOM!

Don’t ask me how or why I find certain things, but there are times I do. Usually these times are when I’m looking for something completely unrelated. My Google-foo is weak, but my accidental-foo is strong apparently.

So I came across a Youtube instructional video on how to hex someone. Intrigued, I sat back to give it a listen. I didn’t get very far into the video, because the instructing witch held up a can of play-dough and explained it could be used to make a voodoo doll with.

I find it simply too, too hilarious not to have a selection of play-dough tucked away in my altar in case I decide to hex someone. The other half and I put the video on pause and ran to the store right then and there to purchase our evil play-dough. Furthermore, we took a very long time in selecting just what colors we wanted. We ended up buying the entire rainbow available so that I could be creative in my evil hexing creations. After all, being evil is meant to be fun. All sorts of fun.

Now if you’re thinking that the other half and I immediately set about hexing everyone that cut us off in traffic, worry not. The play-dough is still in it’s wrapping, sitting in the altar. I do not know when I will use my newly learned knowledge to hex someone, or if I ever will. It’s more that this particular concept was so inline with humor magic, I had to collect it for future goose.

If you’re curious about the video I shall link and/or embed it below. I enjoy this woman’s videos. Some of her comments are hilarious, and she usually explains things pretty well. I gotta say it. I’m subscribed. I recommend that if you’re serious you check her out as well. Give her lots of love.

Kinsouth is only a few weeks away! I’m getting very excited.

Edit: I note the original video has been taken down, which is a shame as it was very informative. I found something else for your enjoyment. The statement with this video says they would not like this video to get to “the younger” crowd, as things like this are for the “experienced witch”. I do agree that a brash person should not be doing this sort of stuff – you CAN hurt yourself and/or the wrong person – but when I was “the younger crowd” I wouldn’t have been caught hexing a soul….




How does a god choose a follower that has absolutely no clue when things are reaching out to them? How does a god get noticed by the metaphysically dense? How do they kick people in the pants?

By being shiny in the store, I think.

I saw it happen this past weekend, I swear to you. The husband and I went into Earthbound at the mall, and within minutes he was telling me how much he needed the little Ganesh (Gesundheit!) statuette on the shelf.

We got it for him.

I thought the husband wasn’t serious – his roads are paved with good intentions but he rarely gets past the intent – but he’s serious. He’s been sending me articles about Ganesh’s life and is marveling at what Ganesh stands for, because it aligns with things he himself feels he stands for. (And for me as well, apparently, but I am working with Hephaestus right now.)

It looks like Ganesh knew what he was doing. But when you’re thousands of years old and have the mind of an elephant, you tend to have a little bit of wisdom mixed in with that long memory.


Kinsouth 2017

It was a wee bit harder to set up this year than usual, but Kinsouth’s 2017 Allthing has set dates and a down payment on where we’re gonna go.

In order to preserve the magick of Kinsouth, I once again aimed Southward. This time we’re going to land in Kentucky outside of Lexington.

For some reason people seem to think that Kinsouth is about roughing it. Not exactly… I can sort of see where the impression came from – we were roughing it in the beginning but those early circumstances were mostly due to finances. This year after much searching I found a two bedroom cabin. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but due to the fulfillment of last year’s wishes we can afford it right now. Putting back part of your harvest as an investment and thanks is an age-old tradition anyway, if I REALLY have to excuse that.

I often say that Kinsouth was Hogwarts before Harry Potter was published, because the main point to it was always to take something metaphysical and practice it somehow. Or at least do something besides the wish ritual, which of course is Allthing’s main point. To wish for all of the things.

So with that in mind the focus(es) is/are:

  1. Forest bathing. Now… we do that every year just about anyway without thinking about it. Really forest bathing is just the new fangled way of saying “getting back to nature”. Either way, being in the forest (not a park) is scientifically proven to be a healing experience. Which means for all subsequent years I’m going to always be searching for a forest to have Kinsouth in. I dream of the day I can have my own acreage of land for this.
  2. The Mantell UFO incident. If you don’t know about that, the year was 1948 and a UFO appeared while some young pilots were out on training maneuvers. They were tasked to follow it. One died in pursuit. For our Saturday metaphysical excursion we will be visiting his memorial marker, which is located about an hour away. You can find a report on the incident here. Information bout the memorial marker is here.
  3. The usual card reading, pendulum swinging and other nifty things that come up. Not all of Kinsouth is metaphysical, but it has its moments.
  4. The wish ritual. We may adapt it to happen in a hot tub this year if the group is small enough. (I.E. just the hubby and me.)

Speaking of the wish ritual, there is a disturbing trend where people are finding out when I am performing ritual and they’re doing things to basically join in from home. It’s not meant to be this way in the circumstances of some who can’t make it in person, but this is a form of freeloading. I will not be telling anyone the hour I do ritual this year. If you want a wish ritual, perform your own and do it under your own magick.

You will have to remember, though. There is a very big something to Kinsouth you have to do that actually sets the power in place for you. I have noticed without saying anything that those who not do this have diminished effects or no effects at all. Those who do it the most have the greater reward. This would be the pilgrimage.

Almost always people have to travel to get to Kinsouth. Even I, who hosts the thing, have had to travel most of the time. No I don’t travel far… it’s not the length of the journey. It’s the willingness to actually MAKE it that matters, and whether you can follow through without allowing that circumstance to get in the way.

When you’re going somewhere, your mind is on your destination on at least a subconscious level if not at the forefront of your mind. This means that during your entire journey, your mind body and soul are preparing for the Kinsouth weekend. Think of it as building a magical charge, one that you will expel on the wish ritual. You have to make that pilgrimage, or no charge. Or at least, not a charge that’s compatible with what’s going on.

Kinsouth’s power has really come back ever since I began to dump freeloaders and backstabbers to keep it together the way it was meant to be. Even if it’s just me in the forest, I enjoy it a lot more this way as well. ‘Nuff said on that.

I’m looking forward to Kinsouth this year. But I always do. I hope this is THE area I’ve been searching for; the one where Kinsouth stays. But we shall see.

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Gifts from Bastet

2f2d35cf17cc7f1f30d0f8e4bd321187-dbf1dfv[1]As a piss poor magician, I have been trying to keep my focus on servitors and the manitu of late. My reasons are multi-fold, but the biggest two of those reasons have to do with 1. knowing about a clutch of ancient servitors and 2. dabbling in demonolatry only to get slightly serious after learning that a similar path was the original religious way of my people. But still I am a piss-poor magician, and I think this is why the cosmos smacked me a little bit a few days ago.

Normally my approach to magick is nonchalant. Then one of my beloved cats tore open the cat carrier and ran away from the veterinary parking lot. Trying to find him by asking around and posting flyers wasn’t going to get anywhere, and I knew it. I had to take that further step above.

First I turned to my servitors with no results. I wasn’t surprised. As days passed my anxiety grew, and then I knew. I was going to have to go crying to someone with more reach than the servitors.

It took me a while to figure out just who to go to. Faced with this situation I actually didn’t want to go to the obvious answer – Bastet, cat goddess of Egypt, because that’s what everyone does. I opened books and looked on the internet at various names, trying to find someone who wouldn’t have such a long line of people waiting to pester them. Indeed it was with much reluctance that I finally turned to Bast.

How I did the actual approaching I guess is important only in that everyone has their own unique ways of doing things. For me, one of the strongest ways I use to create a Work is to do things with my hands. In the old days, I used to work with paint and canvas. Spirits used to approach me often for their portraits to be made. It was interesting.

Drawing a circle and doing all that solitary ritual stuff literally has little effect for me. I knew it, and where I had been lately trying to use the ritual methods in a half-ass attempt to be less of a piss-poor magician I was desperate. I opened Photoshop, grabbed my light pen, and I began to ‘pray’.

I was with her immediately. For me these experiences are a lot of empathic remote viewing, so I felt her affirmative nod more than saw it. It wasn’t a yes so much as a “I hear you and I agree with your request”. (They speak in tiers you know.) Then she requested a portrait from me. I hadn’t received such a request in so many years, I admit I chuckled and said out loud, “Okay. I can do that.”

I worked all through the night, putting on the final flourish as the sun was rising. I have embedded the image in this post. The sun? She insisted on that sun although I didn’t know why at the time. The wings? She actually guided my hand some, which is why their style is a slight bit more detailed than my usual kind.

As it was finished she changed her tune from ‘Yes your cat was coming home.’ to ‘No I’m not going to do it but I will you shall see.’ I thought maybe she was disappointed in my work, that I had taken too many artistic liberties or something. I also doubted the final message I had received, a bad habit but one can lie to themselves so easily.

Then I looked her up a bit and I learned why she wanted that sun, as well as other things. It was amusing.

Twenty-four hours later it happened.

The husband left for work early in the morning, and I was still awake from handling some odds and ends in the office. Suddenly he drives up, rushes inside, and hands me a kitten; a little orange kitten who happened to look exactly like my cat gone astray.

The husband explained that the kitten appeared suddenly at the door to the gas station as if it had been waiting for him. The lady at the counter told him that it would let no one near it. However, the little guy crawled right up into the husband’s shirt like my other cat used to do. And purred, and purred, and melted into my arms to purr some more. He had decided he was with the right people, as if he knew to expect it.

I wept when I realized this kitten had been sent from Bast, because I knew it meant my other cat would not be coming home. I had suspected he didn’t make it out there in town, because I had dreamed he jumped on the bed. In the dream I knew he had actually truly returned and it wasn’t a dream. My cats all tend to come back to me this way, and they may hang around for years before moving on.

So clutching this tiny gift from a goddess, I tried so hard to be thankful. But I could only feel sorrow. The kitten in turn didn’t let me out of his sight for 24 hours, looking me in the eyes and purring softly. Goddess only knows what was going on in that tiny cranium of his.

It’s a day later and the little guy has no name yet. It will come to me, as with all the other kittehs in my care. Dinkus maybe. Ha. He already has become part of the household. The other cats barely even hiss at him – not normal in case you don’t know cats – and he’s even litterbox trained.

Of course we have to make sure we haven’t somehow gotten someone’s beloved and lost pet. It wouldn’t be right to do to someone else what is happening to me. Even though we’re pretty sure he was sent to stay. And I admit to still hoping Mongo makes it home.

Thank you, Bastet, for making as good as you could on my request. You could have said no. You chose a path of love instead. Whatever is name his going to be, I’m sure he’s going to pick something appropriate.

Book of Shadows (Grimoire) · Wishes and Manifestations

Wishing Bath Ritual

I’m the type of magick worker that likes the things I do to have more than one function. Lately I’ve been experimenting with using the water in my bath to manifest changes I would like in my body such as improved health. So tonight while researching how to manifest thought-forms I came across a simple wish spell that involved a glass of water, and I decided that it couldn’t hurt to share what I’m up to and let others give it a shot. Especially since I have seen some progress in the past few weeks.  Most people around these here parts bathe or shower at least once a day, so it’s not too difficult to turn this secular ritual into something a bit more special.

I’m going to go through the entire process and you can imitate or borrow from it as feels appropriate for you.

Before I begin to outline my steps, I would like you to stop and consider the science behind this. Yes, there is an actual science. The ancients have always known that water was very powerful and could be used to amplify spell work, direct psychic focus, and aide in healing. How wonderful it is that Dr. Emoto has been able to give us hard-core scientific evidence of how water mirrors what we think by actually changing shape at the microscopic level.

So yes, there’s science behind this. I’m sure the ability to fold space and time, the fact that a plant in Nigeria will reflect something happening to it through another planet literally across the planet, and that atoms are linked in a way we don’t completely understand yet comes into play. I’m not enough of a scientist to speculate past that point. On to the spell.

Before you begin, decide what you want and be prepared to state your wish as you would when creating a wish fulfillment. Don’t say something like, “I wish I had a pony.” Rather, you state it as if it has happened and is already a reality. You are creating a thoughtform to bring about this wish after all. So you say instead, “I have a pony.” I know I’m oversimplifying how to state the manifested wish here, but I tend to keep my work simple. You must state things as feels right for you.

Step 1. When I approach the bath, I automatically tend to adopt a certain mindset – as if I’m a high priestess or the Oracle of Delphi stepping into a specially-prepared bath in preparation for some coming event like overseeing a wedding or spending a day telling futures. It’s as if I’m entering a sacred chamber, and I won’t bathe ritualistically without having this feeling inside.

Step 2. If you’re thinking I run the bath water next, you guessed it. However, I also treat the bath water. Usually I just add bubbles, but sometimes I will add rose water or some other element. I prefer rose water – not just because roses heighten psychic abilities – because it feels appropriate. I can’t always get my hands on things like that, though. Lately I’ve simply been adding the extra juice from my Korean beauty masks. It’s not enough to turn the water into a giant Korean beauty mask pool or probably do anything at all, so the act is more of a special magical touch. Something to mark the water as special. Think of it as something done to charge (or start charging) the water magically, because that’s what it is.

Step 3. I suppose you could get into the bath with your clothes on, but I usually disrobe at this point. If you really wanna get fancy you can take your clothes off while telling yourself what you’re up to, but I am lazy and don’t bother.

Step 4. And now you… bathe! Da da da duuum. Obviously you’re going to do your normal things in the bath: soap up, wash, etc. But as I’m in my magically charged water, I take the extra step of charging the water further with my hands and covering myself as much as possible. I will gently splash myself repeatedly while stating my wish either under my breathe or in my mind. Sometimes I do this until the water is getting cold.

Step 5 (optional): Sometimes I will put on a Korean face mask and sit in my water as an extra step. I might even put on the mask as soon as I get into the water. It’s just an extra step that adds extra energy to the work.

Step 6: I don’t close a circle or anything when I’m done. I simply let out the water, get out and towel off. 🐱 This particular ritual is a simple one that doesn’t require much by the way of invoking things to help you, so once I’m done I’m done.

And that’s it! Happy bathing.




Are you a good demon or a bad alien?

This post is regarding certain aspects of demonology vs. certain aspects of being an alien abductee (which includes more than those who prefer to be called ‘experiencer’). Well, a certain aspect. I am but a student of life and am by no means an expert in either arena. These are just postulated ideas, food for thought, and nothing more.

All around the world people who deal with demons (i.e. manito) in some fashion (not necessarily by possession) and those who deal with the alien element of the metaphysical ranges sometimes have something in common: both manifest themselves in some fashion in the encounter. Sometimes the style of those encounters overlap.

When aliens come along, believe it or not it’s probably going to be physical. Their physical bodies enter your personal space for good or ill, and they physically interact with you in some fashion or another. It doesn’t matter if they floated through the walls or stepped out from the void between worlds. It is of absolutely no consequence that they’re talking to you in astral because somewhere out there they’re doing it from within or astrally extruding from a physical body. It doesn’t matter if their physical forms come from the 15th dimension. They are physical in some fashion, even if it’s not copper based. You are physical. Physical interaction is involved.

For the person receiving the visitation, most memories of it are wiped away to leave only impressions of what happened. It’s almost as if it was all a dream for most people. This leaves the false impression for many that they’ve been visited by astral forms or that everything they do is on some noncorporeal level. I have my doubts about this belief simply because scientific probing has shown that many “astral” encounters weren’t that at all.

And what happens during those encounters? Let’s focus on the first few minutes; when people are first being approached with that friendly or not-so-friendly ‘take me to your leader’. Many people who experience alien contact talk about how their visitors wait at the foot of the bed politely for them to come around. Dr. Jacobs’ research has revealed that often times their alien handlers will look them in the eye, deep in the eye, so that all the subject remembers seeing is this face up close and personal. Usually a little too up close and personal. Sometimes they don’t show themselves at all until they have to, leaving their next target jumping at shadows all day long while they suffer that creepy feeling of being watched.

At least with those aliens that have less than wholesome intentions one theme tends to remain true throughout for those that don’t work to uncover the truth past a certain comfort level: the aliens come according to your creed and religion. Dr.Karla Turner documented an entire family that thought their alien encounter was a visit from Jesus Christ. Some have reported seeing Krishna. In one reported encounter the person involved thought he was running towards a beautiful angel. (When he got there he was very nastily surprised.) Some think they see demons, some think they see large animals such as white owls or deer, and others only remember glowing lights and a feeling of absolute joy. My father thought he had went to visit an old Indian village in America’s historical past. The list goes on and on with a single running theme: how you remember them appearing is usually meant to endear you or to at least get you to come closer. Christians do not normally see Krishna in these encounters and Hindus do not see Jesus. What we see is personally tailored so we feel compelled to go to what we’re going to get.

There are people that claim they can summon aliens, that the aliens will do their bidding. I’ve seen one man record his demands for ships to show and then the ships in the sky; so small they’re almost no more than a blip. But they’re there. Other people have tried that and got nothing. No alien love for them.

It hit me today how similar a demonic encounter can be to what I have read, studied and experienced in regards to the alien phenomenon. And yet things aren’t exactly similar. It’s enough for people to get the two confused, though, and that bothers me. It’s important for our life and liberty that we learn to be able to two encounters apart so that we do not lie to ourselves, can protect our way of life, and most importantly know when we are being lied to.

The first similarity is the obvious one: there are people who can summon demons. And like with the aliens, there are people the demons point and laugh at while hitting ignore on that phone call. And, the part that frightens a lot of people the most, demons may decide to visit you without an invitation just like the aliens do.

This major difference with these encounters is that usually for a demon to interact with you and I, they need a vessel. They are, as far as we can tell, noncorporeal beings and lack a certain physical density to their shape and form. So they find ways to contact you, either by touching your psychic sense while you are awake or while you are dreaming, sending a sign, or by some other means. When touching you directly you are, in a sense, a vessel; a means of communication for they must reach within your talents and manipulate your ability to see and hear them. When going through round about means, they must reach into something or someone else’s talents to do the same thing. They appear to use the same methods to get the same result.

So you would think that the best way to tell the two apart is to examine how the encounter happened. Not so fast.

Demons can interact with you physically by means of possession, throwing objects at you, and manifesting so that you can see them with your very physical naked eye. (I’m sure there are other methods.) I have been told by an expert that when demons come along, they rarely show themselves unless invited.  (In my experience this has not been the case, but who knows.) I have yet to see a demon manifest into a solid object I could grab into my bare hands. I’ve yet to hear of someone who didn’t turn out to be an abductee who was making a claim that they had seen it for themselves as well.

Just the subtle difference between alien and demon encounter can be a beginning to telling the two apart, but it’s not a sure thing. Aliens, as I said before, will tailor your experience into what manipulates you the best. They’ve been known to contact via telepathy, astral travel, and in the more hardcore documentation though machinery that simulates any and all contact conditions you can find and describe including demonic encounters.

For example, let’s address the many poltergeist and demonic encounters modern day ghost hunters crave. A poltergeist is a specific type of spirit that is known to create physical disturbances when they are active; they throw objects at people, open doors, and even may try to smother you with your pillow. Aliens, especially hybrids, are also known to throw things. And possession? Yes. The aliens have their ways of controlling you to the point that you may find your body doing things without you wanted them to at all. (On a side note, our government has also developed this technology although it is unclear if they’ve used it beyond telling roaches what to do with themselves at this time.) They have a lot of ways, actually. It seems that the main difference here is that demons are not physical beings, being noncorporeal, so the level of their physical interaction is limited. Aliens more. Demons less.

Demons and aliens also tend to mirror, at least on the superficial level, why they have made contact. Both abductees and those who dance with demons say the same thing: their contacts give them messages, teach them things, and usually have a lot to say. This is where I can at least find some firm differences.

Most people contact demons because they want something. Fortunately, we humans do seem to have a symbiotic relationship with them or the demons may be feeling a little put out by now. So let’s say I summon Buer (again) for healing. If he comes, he may work with me, impart some wisdom, and the rest is up to me. It’s expected, at least by other practicing magicians, that I give something back. And usually the information is on a personal level. I can’t say that the exchange is wholly selfish, except maybe a little on my part, because Buer is being helpful while getting something in exchange. It’s 50/50.

When a person is contacted by their alien handlers, it’s goes to more of a 10/90 ratio. The aliens want something – eggs, sperm, breast feeding an alien hybrid, to make a report on some situation that effects their agenda… name it and that’s probably something they wanted so long as you understand the end motivation was purely selfish on their part. There is a large number of people who claim their handlers are setting them up for a role that they will serve in alien society – under alien dictatorship of course – and we all know about the ones who go around talking about the ways we must achieve world peace through love, a global economy, and the alien way. Even with that last bit, it’s impossible to honestly say that what they are preaching isn’t founded in the self-serving motivation to change our society to their mold and will. Claim that they love us all you want, but one has to question what sort of love requires you change your entire way of life to suit an alien race that doesn’t even think like you do in the least… or really have any emotions *to* know what love is.

There’s more. Some abductees report that their aliens healed them. There is one case of a woman who had multiple fractures and broken bones. She was abducted and came back healed the next day. The dark side to this is that for every one person who claims the aliens did them some good, there are at least 10 who have nothing but pure negative experiences that range from rape to being brutally beaten while being raped. (This sets aside those with MKultra MILAB experiences. That’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.)

Some abductees report that they or their families were threatened in order to get them to behave. I’ve yet to hear of a demon doing something like that. And don’t get me started on cow and human mutilations. Autopsies have suggested that each of those mutilations were done with precise equipment such as high-powered surgical lasers, and the subjects were mutilated *while they were alive*. Unless demons are going around with precise lasers on the tips of their claws, it’s just difficult to say a demon is responsible for any of that.

So perhaps the best way to figure out which is which is to explore motivation. S. Connolly in her book The Complete Guide to Demonolatry stated that even when a demon is giving someone negative experiences, it’s usually with a lesson or some important point behind it. In other words, demons are usually looking out for you, your growth, and your well being. And why wouldn’t they? Again, we and they have a symbiotic relationship. We do well. They do well.

When looking at all of the hardcore UFOlogy research, when an alien encounter is negative it’s because the alien didn’t give a flying fuck how hard you begged them to stop. Even in cases where it appears they looked out for someone’s well being, there was a deeper motive to it that had nothing to do with personal growth. We do not have a symbiotic relationship with the aliens. It’s more, as Dr. Karla Turner explained it, like we’re cattle and they’re farmers. Or, as Dr. Jacobs explains, they’re terraforming our culture for their selfish ends.

There is one last caveat to the issue of being able to tell the two apart. Demons are more straight forward with their approach. They speak in metaphor but overall what you see is what you get so long as you can figure out what you’ve been handed. They want you aware, because being aware means you can function within their provided parameters. Aliens, on the other hand, work in as much secrecy as they can. They don’t want you knowing on an aware level. They lie. They will hand you metaphors, and they will also give you what has been termed false memories. Those false memories cover other false memories. And those false memories might be masked in a false memory of a demon encounter, one that made you feel good and for all intents and purposes fit the bill for the real thing.

Now that I have went through all of this, I am left trying to figure out how to tell the two apart. Even when summoning a demon on purpose, if you know you are being visited by extraterrestrials you have to suspect everything that happens. One way would be to find a decent hypnotherapist, one who has experience getting past the mask memories so you can divine the truth. (And the truth truly will set you free.) However in the case of not being able to find a decent hypnotherapist one has to find other ways.

The best method: Learning more about the alien problem – learn all you can with a clear and unbiased mind (Yes, I’m biased. I earned it through research, dammit.)  – because it’s true when they say knowledge is power. There are ways to test your body with a black light to see if you’re been handled by the type of alien known as Greys, for example. (But not for most of modern day hybrids, as they look very human and probably do not exude the same oil from their body.) There are other physical signs, consistent ones that are the same all around the globe, that aliens leave behind but demons do not. I do not have time to list what I can remember offhand here.

I think, however, that discovering motivation is the biggest key to this. And not just motivation, but reason and approach. I could akin an alien’s offered information to a pervert giving a child an ice cream cone. They want you hooked on the flavor so they can get in your pants. So in many cases they offer the big stuff; how to pilot an interdimensional drive (or at least make you think you’ve been shown that) or how wonderful it’s going to be when you help all of the scared people aboard the craft during some promised catastrophe. Demonic information doesn’t seem to be on that level.

Last but not least, it’s important to recognize both of these phenomenon exist. It’s seriously annoys the living shit out of me when I come across a magician who suddenly doesn’t want anything to do with someone that believes in aliens. I’ve even had one or two suggest I was mentally unstable – this coming from someone who claims to practice magick I’m sure you can see how hypocritical that sounds. If you can’t, go find a corner and think about it for a while. On the other hand, people who study the alien problem will throw their religious lens on faster than a thunder clap and accuse most magicians of practicing evil. This coming from people who either are on the side of the aliens and want to change your entire life to fit their paradigm or feel they are fighting the worst evil the world has ever faced, I’m sure you can see the hypocrisy. If you can’t, go find a corner ad nauseum.

As seekers of the truth, we shouldn’t point fingers in either direction. We’re supposed to want to know the truth. This means we should truly want to know if our guides are demons or aliens. And if they are one or the other, we should truly know what they want and behave accordingly.

Bad demon, good demon, bad alien, good alien? Being as both of these guide the lives of so many, it’s a question that must be answered.

Book of Shadows (Grimoire) · Holidays

Rite to Lucifer

In demonolatry (and possibly others), the Rite to Lucifer is the first of the year. It happens on Spring Solstice – this year that’s March 20 but I’ve noticed that many people just mark it at the 21st – and is the first of two in the year. Many marriages and handfastings also happen on this day.

It is an elemental rite to the Element of Air, Lucifer being an Elemental demon and Ruler of the Air. It is also a celebration of new beginnings, enlightenment, wisdom and of course the arrival of Spring.

Air is very important to human life and is something that should be appreciated at least if you’re not celebrating it. It is freshness, movement, communication, and intelligence. Space. It is sound’s carriage, which may explain why Lucifer is said to have a harmonious voice. It is also associated with dreams, wishes, and ideas. The Four Winds must bow to it, for without it they would be nothing. Hebrew scholars call it the glue that binds everything together.

Air is emotional instincts that stir passion and the element of the spirit. It is prayer, meditation, and a host of other things that simply could not happen if it did not exist.

Air is also freedom. This lends deeper meaning to the quote, “Give me freedom or give me death.” Although I’m sure it was not meant that way.

  • None shall fly as fast.
  • None shall have wit as sharp.
  • None shall dream as large.
  • Only one can command thy breath.

Here is a link with instructions to perform this ritual as per the demonolatry method: http://ofsdemonolatry.livejournal.com/1326.html